How AndreaTV works her mlm business?

Hi, this is AndreaTV Edwards and this blog can help you in your mlm business! If you are looking for an additional way to find leads, customers, and business partners that lasts longer than a Facebook or Instagram post then you may want to consider starting your own site.

Why not start your mlm business today?

This whole network marketing business model is about connecting with people, the product itself does not really matter, but it should be something you can stand behind fully.  Every mlm business sells a product or service that meets a need.  This could be weight loss, skin care, travel deals, energy drinks, protein shakes, makeup, oils, nails, supplements, etc.  What you have to do is focus on that need and reach the person looking for an answer to their problem which is why we need a website.

What exactly does this mean?  Okay, here is an example, what if I was an independent salesperson that sold juicers.  First I would get a website or blog that will be my "home on the internet."  No matter how many ways I advertised or tried to reach my customer it would lead them back to "my home" and not directly to my company website order page.  Well, that is not true, for in video sales of me using/describing/demonstrating the product I would lead them to the sales page.  The "video" itself would be answering their question or solving their problem.  These videos would be on YouTube, permanently, not on another platform temporarily.

Back to my example, I sell juicers, so what problem could that solve?  I would use research sites like Keywordtool.io, Ubbersuggest.org, and the Google Adword Keyword Tool.  I'm going to think about my customer and what problems they have that my product can solve.. To start, I am going to type in things with the 5 W's: who, what, where, when, why and also how.  So what to juice, why juice, when to juice, how to juice, etc.  With those results I would pick out choice keyword combinations and create a blog post, web page, or YouTube video.  I would also think of hashtags that people may be using that relate to this keyword combo if I use Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest to promote my business.

You may have never thought about it or researched these things before but believe me, people are typing these exact phrases in to the Google machine.  Your job is to get your blog page, Youtube video, or Pinterest post to come up on the first page of the results in the Google machine.  Can you say cha-ching!

In my opinion, The biggest problem in the mlm business is that many people feel that their initial payment, which gives them the license to sell the end product, entitles them to ready to buy customers!  It doesn't.  You have to go out there and find the customers just like any other sales rep.  So why join network marketing at all?

So why join network marketing at all?

I joined because I saw the value and opportunity presented before me.  I have nearly 10 years of experience building blogs and have a true desire to help as many people as possible.  I heard someone say that Network Marketing is self development tied to an end product.  I love self development.  It is my passion.  It should become yours too if you really want to make this thing work for you.

People, in general,  don't have a preference of who they buy the product from that meets their need.  It is the connection they make with you that makes the difference.  You have to form a relationship by speaking with them, interacting with them on their Facebook or Instagram post, or answering  their questions on your well thought out blog page that makes them want to buy from YOU.  If you grasp that concept right from the beginning you can go far in network marketing.

AndreaTV Daily Updates

Hello beautiful people!  Today is Monday February 12, 2018 at 10:38pm when I started this update.  I just posted something on Facebook that was not an income producing activity, based on my experience.

I was sucked in by the tactics of FB, I wasn't on my grind, and submitted to the sweet teet of the "like", "love", and comment you MAY receive on Facebook when you make a post.  I should have known better.

I have earned a payment online since October 2009, almost a year after my twins were born.  I know what it takes to succeed.  I vividly remeber placing an extra blanket over the my infants, while they sat on the floor in the living room and I worked on my laptop.

I remember what it felt like to drive my 3rd child to a babysitter at 5:30am in the morning before my husband left for work at 7am, in order to take my twins to kindergarten at 8:30am and then head off to my shift at Cox Communications from 11am to 7pm.

Yet, somehow, I think I have time to post funny memes, videos, and posts on FB that do not help my family financially AT ALL.  Well, lesson learned, I did not use the best judgement based on my knowledge.  I will start posting MOST of the posts I submitted on FB, which were buried in my feed, as far back as I have saved in my phone starting tomorrow.

I have a strong feeling that this will have a greater impact. Go Youtube!