Whose phone number is 888-423-0900? If you need to know ho is calling before you pickup then read this.

This is Verizon Financial Services calling you.  You most likely have a past due balance and have not made any payment or payment arrangements on your account.  They want their money!

Well, now that I've made you laugh, or a little upset, would you like to never get a call like that again?

If you answered yes, then I encourage you to stream up!

What is "the stream up"?  This would be the process of you adding and additional source of income without stopping anything you are doing right now.

My name is Andrea "TV" Edwards and this is what I have been doing to help my family out financially since 2009.  It is indeed possible to make money online for real with no scams. 

But I have some bad news for you, it's not easy, or quick, and it requires hard work. I have some worse news for you now too.  If you don't do something to change your current situation, even though it is currently difficult, things will most likely get worse.

We are living in a time where technology is taking jobs away at a rate much faster than the birth rate.  So what does this mean?  It means that there are more people than there are jobs in most cities, states and countries.

Before you get too down about this fact I want to spark your mind by also stating your ability to create your own "business" is limitless!  You can do this by creating any (legal) product or service someone is willing to pay for.

Do you know how to braid or crochet hair?  Do you know how to cut hair?  These are services people can and do pay for in every city you can think of. But Andrea, I don't have a license or store