AndreaTV Blog 2018

AndreaTV blog February 2018.

s update.  I just posted something on Facebook that was not an income producing activity, based on my experience.

I was sucked in by the tactics of FB, I wasn't on my grind, and submitted to the sweet teet of the "like", "love", and comment you MAY receive on Facebook when you make a post.  I should have known better.

I have earned a payment online since October 2009, almost a year after my twins were born.  I know what it takes to succeed.  I vividly remeber placing an extra blanket over the my infants, while they sat on the floor in the living room and I worked on my laptop.

I remember what it felt like to drive my 3rd child to a babysitter at 5:30am in the morning before my husband left for work at 7am, in order to take my twins to kindergarten at 8:30am and then head off to my shift at Cox Communications from 11am to 7pm.

Yet, somehow, I think I have time to post funny memes, videos, and posts on FB that do not help my family financially AT ALL.  Well, lesson learned, I did not use the best judgement based on my knowledge.  I will start posting MOST of the posts I submitted on FB, which were buried in my feed, as far back as I have saved in my phone starting tomorrow.

I have a strong feeling that this will have a greater impact. Go Youtube!