AndreaTV Blog January 2018

AndreaTV blog January 2018.  What to do when your company shuts down or you get shut out?

Today is Thursday, January 4, 2018.  I am still awaiting to find out when my makeup mlm will relaunch.  Their corporate webinar is set for this Sunday January 7th.  So, we'll see.

In the meantime, I have been watching videos from YouTube business peeps, Hustler's Kung Fu, Deadbeat Affiliate, and Affiliate Marketing Dude.  It was Affiliate Marketing Dude that said in one video that you should let the market dictate what market you go in to.

So, in a state of muted frustration, I though about what "pings" I have been alerted with over the last 30 days.  It was the Christmas season and at least one third of our holiday spending went towards this "child focused" topic.  I will not be listing the name, I'm not shouting out to my potential competition, "come look at this!"

Well, anyway, I put that "kid focused product" in to the Brainstorm It feature in to Sitesell's Brainstorm It tool.  Below is a list of the "profitability" numbers.

This is just a snaphot of a part of the first page of the highest "profitability" keywords Sitesell gives you within their BrainstormIt platform for this kid friendly search term.

I may have been going about this all wrong.  I was going after what I "felt" was right rather than studying the market (any market), seeing what it is they want, and providing me them with that thing.

From past experience I can tell you, my most profitable blog/website was based off a keyword that had a real supply of 12, the demand was somewhere around 1200-2100, in my memory.  In the above pic the first column shows the demand for the keyword, the second column shows the supply of the keyword currently available online, and the third column shows the "profitability" Sitesell assigns to that keyword.

That site I had years ago, with a keyword with a real supply of 12, earned me $800 a month for over a year before it was wacked by Google.  You have to roll with the punches.  This may seem like a defeat for some, but not for me.  That site was connected to a product that had a monthly recurring charge and I stopped paying for the hosting/site in early 2012.  It is 2018.  I received a W-9 form from Clickbank last year for that site totaling almost a $1000.  This is on a site I stopped paying for or updating since 2012! These earnings would be from people who don't check out their bills, have money to waste, and don't cancel subscriptions they no longer use.

This kid focused product I just started on at the start of the year has been around for decades.  There was a time in my younger brother's life that this product was EVERYTHING to him.  He is now 26 years old.  There are TONS of bloggers that have overlooked this keyword and I was inquisitive enough to uncover it.

I talked to my 3 kids about it.  They are so excited and willing to help.  I will produce the blog pages but they will be discussing/advising on the various keywords in a video they will "star in" starting this weekend. These videos will be uploaded to YouTube, based on the exact terms people are already searching for on YouTube.  I gathered this information from the site Keywordtool.io.

We will be busy this month.  Their first Winter Basketball game is this weekend and the season isn't over until March.  But we will be cranking out these weekend videos, and I will be producing these blog pages as often as possible.

I actually was able to find people willing to write a 400 word article about the various "characters" for this product on MTurk.com for $1.50!  I will be using these articles to create my blog pages.  On these pages I will have a link to Amazon or Ebay directing them to a page of sellers offering said product for sale.  If my blog visitor makes a purchase, I make a commission, badaboom.

So, while I am still ALL IN for network marketing, I still have to have a "ram in the bush".  The beauty and magic of network marketing is..., if you attract or reach out to someone else who can "see the possibilities", and is willing to work their butt off to receive their desired results, you win and they win too.

The mlm business gets a bad wrap because most people underestimate what it takes to start a successful business.  So when they start in network marketing they have no clue as to what it takes, or how long it takes to see a profit.  So, they end up quitting or stop working after anywhere from 30 days to 6 months.

Maybe if they knew that MOST first time business owners don't make a profit in the first year they would be more willing to stick with it.  Or, if they acknowledged, that they don't have an alternate 5 year or 10 year plan that can lead them to financial independence, they may be more willing to work their mlm business long term. I don't know for sure, just a thought.

Anyway, have a good day beautiful people, and I will updte next week!

Life is happening today.  It is Monday, January 22, 2018.  Personal stuff is slowing me down a bit, but the kids have done 12 videos I posted to YouTube to help market the new blog.  I have 10 pages up on the new blog too.  I still want to have 30 on both platforms before the end of the month. 

My makeup mlm is set to soft relaunch February 19th.  This is where reps can sign up only but no customer product purchases can be made.  They haven't given the specific date, but the full relaunch will happen at some point in March.

The one thing I've learned from corporate America and network marketing is that you better have a backup plan and an option 2 and/or 3.

I'll update this page on the first of February to let you know if I reached my goals.  Keep working toward your goals too beautiful one!