AndreaTV Blog November 2017

AndreaTV blog November 2017 - what am I doing this month?  I update a few times a week but this blog is NOT how I mainly work my business yet! I have other blogs that will attract my customers and future business partners but I use this website mainly to document my journey.

Today is Wednesday, November 8, 2017. Went on a field trip with my 6 year old and loved watching the circle of life and the intricacies of life that are rarely brought to life.

His class has 13 students in all.  There were four girls in his class last year: Heather, Riley, Mya, and Emily. This year there are 6 girls but I don't know the names of the new girls yet. The small class size is one of the benefits of my husband spending more on our kids education than what he spends on the roof over our heads!

So we go to Sharp's Farm.  They have 4 or 5 educational stations where they teach the children about what the first pilgrims had to endure, what they ate, what the children played with, and the like.

The first station showed us what things the children used to create toys.  They had examples/samples for the children to use.  Without being told they were "allowed" to do so, or that they could do so, most of the children flocked to the bucket of toys the speaker picked up toward the end of her presentation and started touching anything they could reach.

There were two girls that stayed in their original spots they stood in since settling in at that station.  So much of the class had moved forward toward the speaker that the teacher and the other two chaperones walked forward to keep an eye on them.  It was only Emily, Mya and I standing there.

Why didn't they walk forward too.  The idea of touching replica toys that children just like them used hundreds of years ago had to excite them a little bit, right?  Were they afraid, did they feel uneasy taking the initiative because their teacher nor the speaker actually said, "it's okay"?

Well, just before the moment I was going to say, "Come on guys let's go check out the toys" Mya touched theEmily's arm and asked excitedly, "Don't you wanna see"? The other girl replied with a smile, "Yes!", and they ran up to meet the rest of the class and grabbed something out of the bucket.

May sound strange, but I was "shy" for way too long, and I use my newly found boldness to tap on the arms of as many people as possible who have been standing back watching other people DO.  This mlm business is just one way they can "do" too and my job is to share that message with them.

Today is Friday, November 10, 2017.  The weather is getting cold here in Maryland.  I love the fall with the changing leaf colors, brisk air, and almost no sweating for a big girl like me! :-)  Those of us who break a sweat easily know what I'm talking about.

I had planned on starting my YouTube lives every morning showing myself putting on my makeup but did not do one! I literally throw on my face within 5 to 7 minutes in the morning before I rush downstairs and get everyone in the car.

This 5 minute process happens after I have already gotten up at 6ish, made everyone breakfast (oatmeal for the boys, eggs for my daughter and I, and protein shake for the hubby), prepared everyone's lunch to go, got the little one dressed, and jumping out of the shower.  So I am not exactly in a state to turn on a ring light and do a YouTube live.

I am going to either have to get up an hour earlier, shower first, and do the YT live before I go downstairs and start my routine or just leave the ring light in the bathroom cabinet and do it there.  It will be a 'hot mess express" but I could work that in to my spiel.

I could let my viewers hear me yelling downstairs to make sure all of the kids are packed up and have their jackets on.  Giving instructions to go through the house and make sure all of the televisions and lights are off. Telling them to be standing by the door ready to go when I get downstairs. (I'm a real drill sargeant, huh?)

I haven't decided which one yet, but Monday it is going down.  That is the deadline I am giving myself.  Monday through Friday I will go live on YouTube showing my makeup application for the day. One of my mlm business opportunities is set to relaunch December 3rd and these "lives" will get some curiousity buzz going.  When they do open up shop again I should have list of potential customers and business partners.

How will I do this?  At the end of the live stream I will instruct them to go to the link below to get on my email list if they want to be the first to know when we launch.  I will also say the name of the site. I will tell them to subscribe to the channel as well so they don't miss then next time I go live. If you have not thought about it before you may want to consider doing a live streams for your mlm business too.

Today is Sunday, November 19, 2017.  I did not make a video myself since Tuesday.  But I did figure out a way to record commercials.

Well, what does that have to do with anything AndreaTV? I was researching the keyword "aldi" on my favorite tool keywordtool.io and I discovered quite a few keywords that included Aldi commercials and what terms people remembered the commercial for and wanted to watch it again.

Then I cross referenced those exact titles/keywords on YouTube and some of them did not exist at ALL.  Ding, ding, ding!  Find a problem and solve it.  Study questions and answer them.  Bring light to a pain point and offer a solution.

So I found this site called ispot.tv and they had some of these sought commercials but not listed with the title phrase people were searching for.  So I've been recording a few of them with a free screen capturing software app I found in the Chrome store.  I then save them with the keyword listed on keywordtool.io  and upload it to YouTube.

Then I make a page on my blog (not this one) to match the title too.  A 30 second commercial isn't enough content to make a full blog page.  I've been learning from Ray Higdon and his Rank Makers group that it is possible to find customers/clients/business partners from an arena hat has nothing to do with your business.  So that is what this particular blog is designed to do.  Have a good night folks!

Today is Tuesday, november 28, 2017.  Thanksgiving was a blast and went by sooooo fast.  I did not work on my blogs much at all.  My twins turned 10 yesterday and my sister was visiting from Brooklyn.  But today I'm back on the grind.  My makeup mlm business is scheduled to relaunch Sunday, December 3rd. 

I added a page to that blog yesterday and will be doing so twice a day or more leading up to this weekend.  I am also paying workers on MTurk to visit the site and critique it.  This will get the Google bots to pick up all of my new content quicker and leave me in a better position to organically grow my traffic to that site.  If you would like to know the name of that site text "what makeup site" to 202-280-9282 and I'll send you the link.

I'll update this site on Sunday to let you know my results.  Below is a screenshot of my traffic to that site currently and I'll take a new snapshot next Monday so you can see what the growth is, if any.  Have a great week beautiful people!

I wasn't so pumped on Sunday, December 3rd when my makeup mlm business was set to relaunch.  I had 8 people that reached out to me from that blog and my YouTube videos that gave me their phone number and email address.  They want me to contact them when they can join and/or start buying products.

So, in my mind, I go from having a very merry Christmas, to questioning if the company was going to relaunch at all! Monday rolls around a still no word from Corporate and the website still shows the "temporary shut down" page. 

I am in a couple of the team Facebook pages and for most of the day there was no panic and people just saying hold tight and how excited they were.  Then about 4pm EST things got tense.  A few people started expressing doubt and getting a little negative. 

I tried to come from a real life frame of mind then.  This company was under court order not to operate as a business for 10 months. Any and everyone who used to work in corporate headquarters, warehouse workers, etc. were no longer there!  I don't know about you, but I don't know how many employees that can go for almost a year with no paycheck.  These/those people have moved on.  They now have to rehire and restructure.

So, at almost 10pm Monday night, an email comes through.  The email was from Corporate and invited me to a webinar to discuss the relaunch on January 7, 2018!  Delayed but not denied.  I will be reaching out to my prospects to let them know what's going on and making sure they have my cell number too.  If you want to find out more yourself you can text me too at 202-280-9282.

Good morning beautiful people!  Today is Sunday, December 17, 2017.  It is a crisp, cold morning here in Maryland.  I am sitting here at Rythm Dribble practice with my sons while my husband is at a AAU basketball tournament with my daughter in D.C.

I hope you are going to find time to work on your business today too.  Every little bit  helps.  But I have to be honest with you, big bits help faster! Squeeze out that extra blog post, comment on a couple more friends posts, eek out that Facebook Live or YouTube video if you can. You'll feel better at the end of the day if you do. 

I'll update this page next week.  Let's do this people!