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When I first started this Andreatv older blog I was all over the place.  Here is a tip you need to know before you start your own site!  when building a website, try not to delete a page or post once it has been indexed in the search engines!

I say this because this was a page that no longer existed on my site because I have changed the main keyword for multiple times.

Today is Monday, August 21, 2017.  There was a total solar eclipse today.  I took the kids to the park to watch it.  Their big brother bought them some of the special glasses you need in order to actual see the eclipse and not hurt your eyes. God is truly amazing! It just baffles me that there are people out there that want to believe the world started with a "Big Bang" rather than skillfully and masterfully created by the Creator.

Today is Wednesday, August 30, 2017.  It is a great day to be alive!  Sorry to shout.  I am writing out loud after a morning interruption that could have left me feeling down in the dumps for the rest of the day.  Don't fall for the trick.  Speak your way, yell your way, walk your way, think your way back to a positive place.  Learn to control your energy and thoughts and amazing things will happen for you!

Today is Saturday, September 2, 2017.  Labor Day weekend!  If you have a regular 9 to 5 this means you most likely have a three day weekend.  Take advantage of this time and do something to move your business forward.  Write a blog post, make a video or two, reach out to someone (prospect) and of course spend some time with someone you care about.  Enjoy!

Today is Sunday, September 3, 2017 and it's a great day to be alive!  I don't know about you, but it rained most of yesterday here in Maryland.  Today the ground is soaking wet and my son's baseball practice is cancelled until tomorrow.  I am writing this little update while we are all at Rythm Dribble basketball training and it's a little after 8am.

Hubby and I are going on a staycation tonight.  My bonus son is home until Tuesday and then he is flying out to start his new job and new life as an adult.   He graduated from Brown University in May and is starting a marketing job in Boston this month.  We are so proud of him, and we can use that bedroom too! ;-)

Enjoy this day because tomorrow is not promised. As always you can text me with any questions about my mlm business at 202-280-9282.

Today is Monday, September 11, 2017, and I started yet another blog over the last few days.  I had a site years ago that attracted thousands of visitors every month from people wanting to know the one word answer to a question.

I was struggling with coming up with a strategy for promoting one of my network marketing businesses and was seriously considering quitting that  one.  But thanks to Ray Higdon and Rank Makers, I see the light! Rank Makers is a paid Facebook group that he runs, where he trains any multi level marketing person, and the mind shift he invokes is jaw dropping.

If you are having trouble reaching your mlm business goals I strongly suggest you get in that group.  There is no affiliate program for it and I am not getting compensated by Ray.  Consider this a friend telling you about a 7-11 store that sells nothing but winning tickets but it's behind the strip mall and very few people know about it.  Seriously, he brings nuggets of wisdom, expertise, and value every single day to our group.

Enjoy this day because tomorrow is not promised. As always you can text me with any questions about my mlm business at 202-280-9282.

So, today is Wednesday, September 13, 2017.  It is 8:56pm right now and the kids are asleep.  I put the food away and did not clean up the kitchen yet.  May not get to that tonight.  Need to do a white load so they have clean to make sure all 3 have clean uniform pants tomorrow and I'm already thinking about how long tomorrow is going to be.

I need to wake up at 5am in order to cook the chili for dinner before work.  I will then make the scrambled eggs for breakfast, make everyone's lunch, and off to work and school.

On my lunch hour I pick the kids up from school, heat up the chili for dinner, and finish up my work shift at home (I work customer service on the phone).  Then at 5:45 when I get off, we all go to my daughter's AAU practice from 6:30-8pm.  While at practice I need to work with my 6 year old on his spelling words so he does well with his spelling test on Friday.

We will get home about 8:40pm.  I put them to bed and we get ready for Friday.  Friday is the back to school family picnic in the evening.  I am expected to bring a side dish.  Then Iyanna's first AAU basketball game starts at 8:30am Saturday morning and the location is about 40 minutes away.  They will play two games on Saturday at 8;30am and 1:30pm for this tournament.

So, if you think that I can't understand why you don't have time to work your mlm business, you are wrong!  But I think about, what happens if I don't, how much closer will I be to reaching the goals we have as a family? Will the kids stop needing new clothes and shoes?  Will their birthday requests get smaller and cost less money?  Will college be free for everyone in 10 years?

The answer to all of those questions is NO!  So, I update this page and I write a new page for one of my other blogs/websites.  You see this "post" will last for years to come, while a Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat post won't.  So I invest my time in what will yield the best long term results.  I encourage you to do the same with your mlm business. ;-)

Today is Sunday, September, 17, 2017.  It was a lazy day over here in our house.  We did not go to baseball practice and I didn't even go grocery shopping until after 4pm!  Very unproductive, I know, but I will be adding a page to this site and one of my other blogs before I put head to bed.

Hopefully you and your family had a wonderful day.  Sometimes it is okay to just spend time with your family and relax.  The Jets lost miserably and I am hoping the Giants do better tomorrow than they did last week.  Big Blue for life!  Have a good night folks. ;-)

Today is Sunday, September 24, 2017.  The Giants disappointed in a manner so disturbing that my husband screamed out G$#d@*} it! (Which I totally loathe by the way.  For the creation to curse, or attempt to curse the Creator is total blaspheme, in my opinion) And my hubby knows this but when he gets upset he sometimes reverts to what he knew as "okay to say" before he met this Jesus lover! :-)

I want you all to rock your mlm business this week and meet all of your goals.  And even if you don't hit the mark make sure there is something tangible in the win column of your goals.  This means, make sure you have done at LEAST one of the activities that you know you need to do to progress in your business. Celebrate that win.  You need this.  Now take that win and build on it.  Getting there is sooooo much more important than how long it takes to get there.

Today is Thursday, October 5, 2017. Today is my birthday!  It is now about 9:45pm and the kids are in the bed, Scandal has been queued up on the dvr and playing in the background.  Now it's time to work on my blogs.

I am transitioning this blog to be mlm business tips only and remove any company affiliation.  I know many of the network marketing leaders preach against it, but I AM a part of more than one company. 

I have seen too much in my now 41 years on this earth and I know that it is very dangerous to put all of your eggs in ANY basket.  Any multi level marketing company signs you on as an independent contractor.  They can dismiss you at any given time and their lawyers are not only on retainer, many of them are full time, well paid employees.

Now this task cannot be pulled off by most.  I understand.  That is why I am removing any company affiliation from this blog.  You see, when you start a blog, that blog has a main keyword or focus, and you should build it up with other keywords/pages that compliment and validate that main keyword.

When you market your company or product in that way then you can stay neutral on Facebook or Instagram.  This only heightens the curiousity factor that Ray Higdon teaches.  If you are not a part of his Facebook group, Rank Makers, I highly encourage you to get on the waiting list now.  They open only once a month or so, and the tips he gives you are priceless, in my opinion.

Have a great night folks!

It is Saturday, October 7, 2017, and this may be my only mlm business blog building for today.   This i  I am updating in between my daughter's two AAU basketball games.  They won the first one that started at 12pm with a score of 29-7 and the second starts at 2:30pm.  She also had a softball game at 9am!

I knew my husband liked sports but when he said we were going to be a sports family I did not know what I was in for!  I thought that meant we would watch a game on the weekends.  Now I know that he meant we will spend the equivalent of a part time job (with no pay mind you) in hours on sports activities!

Well, at least my daughter likes it and wants to get to the level where she can be a college player in the future.  Well, didn't want too many days to go by without an update.  She didn't score last game but if she scores the next game I will post it on Facebook.  I am Andreatv Edwards on FB.  Send me a friend request! 

It is Wednesday, October 11, 2017, and I have a viral YouTube video!  After I posted my last update on Sunday I hopped on Facebook.  FB really could be the death or life of an entrepreneur.  It has an addicting nature that is very deceptive and enticing at the same time.

Well, I published this on Sunday night.  Just showing a screenshot of the ad and me taking using my iphone in landscape mode.  It has over 70,000 views as of today!

Great, right?!!  So how many people have reached out to me with my call to action given at the end of the video?  Two!  That's right, only two people have taken the next two steps, which was click on the link to my blog, and then fill in their name, phone number, and email.

So, why are the number so low, what happened?  I latched on to a roller coaster headed to a different destination that fell in line with my goals.  These people weren't looking for change, they were looking for a "new"/familiar place where they could congregate/connect with people who share the same beliefs.

Now don't misunderstand, I know racism exists, and I also know you are also only bound and subject to your own beliefs to a certain extent.  Would it further your purpose and goals more by voicing your opinion ONLINE or taking action steps toward your goals in the tangible world?

So, just a tip, a viral video not feeding your mlm business purpose is pointless.  It would work out better if you created videos that had at least one aspect of your business that people are searching for or can connect with.

Monday, October 23, 2017. I am turning lemons in to lemonade.  The last update I told you one of my "direct sales" companies were being elusive with the rules and would not give me a straight forward answer as to whether my blog (for their company) fell within compliance or not.

Soooo, long story short, it is no longer going to be geared for that direct sales company.  Now it will be an affiliate site.  I am following my usual rules of building pages around keywords that have a high demand and low supply.  The market is virtually untapped, in my opinion, based on the blog competitors currently listed on page 1 in google for many of these terms.

So I have a LOT of work ahead of me and I think this will work out better in the long run.  I can tailor the affiliate product based on the keyword for that page. 

Today is Friday, October 27, 2017.  Really did not produce as much as I wanted this week. :-(

"Get out of your feelings" is easier said than done in real life. I built a couple of pages for my affiliate sales blog but I wanted to do 2X a days, like during football preseason.

On weeks like this I fall back on my "every day" wins.  I cooked breakfast for the kids every morning (not cereal, omelettes and scrambled eggs), prepared their lunches (hot lunch at private school for 3 kids is $630 a month!), cooked dinner every night, got them to school on time every day (their school is about a 20 minute drive), and worked my 40 hours for "da man".

None of these things actually helped me grow MY business but they are required to maintain my life.  Do what you can.  When you can do more do it, if you fall short don't beat yourself up.  I have found harsh words don't help production, especially when you are saying them to yourself.

So take the foot off of your neck and take a deep breath.  Go and have a great rest of your day or night!

Today is Saturday, November 4, 2017.  My lights and cell phone still work.  Inside joke for those addicted to Facebook like me.  Uploaded 40 or so posts to my new AndreaTV business page from old posts I've gathered over the last year.  My makeup mlm is set for relaunch December 3rd and I see the importance of FB now.

It is not the ONLY method to get in front of your target audience but it is indeed effective.  I almost bought something from a FB ad twice over the last few weeks.  One was a set of magnetic false eyelashes and the other was a cell phone ring light.

Fortunately for me, and unfortunately for the people paying for the ads, my mother's name was Catherine Parks. She taught me the value of cents and sense.  She didn't care about the end dollar amount you spent on those boneless chicken breasts, it was how much you paid per pound that mattered.

So when I saw those ads on Facebook that piqued my interest I immediately logged off and went to research the same/similar product on Amazon.  Both items were less expensive on Amazon and that was even if I bought them from Amazon Prime seller.

Drop shippers on Amazon beware.  I am not the only one who grew up like this, where cents and sense matter more than immediate gratification, and I MUST GET THE NEXT "NEW THING" NOW.  Once Amazon catches wind of a new trend they can/will make deals with your suppliers, make a better deal, and compete with you in a way that will leave you abandoning that product with the quickness. Have a good night folks!