Is Beauticontrol closing and going out of business?

Is Beauticontrol closing and going out of business?  What should you do now to earn some extra money for you and your family?

Are you a customer who loves their products?  Are you head over heels with their brown sugar perfume, lotion, and body scrub?  Has the foundation and skin care products been your "go to"  for years?  Whether you fell in love with their acne systems or anti-aging products the company shutting down hits hard, sorry.

Hi, I'm AndreaTV, also known as Andrea Edwards.  I am an online marketer and a network marketer.  You may want to know why this page or post was written. I actually had never heard of this company before today, Sunday, July 23, 2017.  I just so happened to go in to my Periscope app, which I haven't done for weeks, and on of the people I follow had done a scope about Beauticontrol closing and going out of business, and what you could do to protect yourself if you are in the mlm business.

This Periscoper told me that this company was all over Facebook today regarding Beauticontrol closing in 90 days!  What the what? Firstly, I want to say I am sorry this has happened, I am sure you loved your company, and all of your fellow success partners very much.  You all share many of the same goals, hopes, ambitions and heartaches.  Now you are faced with the challenge of what do no next.

I was in a very similar position not too long ago.  I joined a cruelty free makeup company during prelaunch.  I had my blog built up to almost 100 pages before I ever received my starter kit and before they officially launched!  This was going to be "the one" for me.  I was finally going to have the success I always wanted with this mlm business.

They launched November of 2016 and was shut down February of 2017.  On top of the world for a few months and then knocked back down to the curb in a flash.  On top of that, the makeup products I had used so far were great!  I am an eyeshadow lover and the palettes went on smooth like butter. But do to a lawsuit, the company has to shut down until December 3, 2017, text me if you want to know more about them at 202-280-9282.

So now what do I do?  My kids are still asking for new toys, books, bikes and to take trips to fun places. But, now I am at a loss, my "road to freedom" just put up some orange cones and a big sign saying "road closed!"  What am I going to do now?

Well, the first thing I did, was nothing.  I had no clue on what steps to take next.  I had poured countless hours and many months in to this venture. You may be feeling a similar way if you are effected by the Beauticontrol closing, especially if you have devoted YEARS, and now have to find a new makeup brand and opportunity!

Is Beauticontrol closing and going out of business?

Life after Beauticontrol closing

After a small period of time I looked in to other companies I could join.  My kids would still need a bigger size of clothing, coats, and shoes next season and my employer figured out a way to pay me less while appearing they had given me a raise. Truly an amazing feat, but in a bad way, since I walked away with less take home pay.

So, throwing all mlm businesses under the bus, and proclaiming it was all a scam was not an option. I had to find another way to make this work.  So I looked up someone from that makeup company who was a full time network marketer to see what she was doing.  Wouldn't you know it, she had found another company, and was doing great! Text me if you want to know what company she found and that I joined too at 202-280-9282.

Beauticontrol closing does not end your journey.  If your life was a movie, which in a lot of ways it is, and you are the director, think of this as a plot twist!  This is a challenge that you will overcome.  You will learn from your experiences and use that knowledge to help put you on the fast track in whatever your next adventure will be.

You will be stronger from it, better because of it, and the sparkle you will  gain after this trial buffs your bumper will attract so many!   You have heard of the saying, "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger"? It is true.  What we tend to overlook is how painful the hurt is when it is actually happening.

If you are a mother then you know the discomfort you experience that last trimester leading up to your labor and delivery. You know what lower back pain feels like, how much effort it takes to turn over in the bed, and how a contraction can almost take your breathe away.  But you have also looked down at that beautiful little face after it was all over and knew it was worth it. 

You have seen those shows where a woman was pregnant and didn't know it, right?  Then she tells the tale of how the baby came out in the bathroom or some other odd place.  It may be helpful to think about Beauticontrol closing as you being pregnant and not knowing it.  Try thinking about it like an unexpected baby you weren't prepared for but will still bring you great you great joy.