Builderall Free Trial - for real or not?

The Builderall free trial gives you the first week free with no credit card required?  Is it possible to earn the cost of the business in a box before you pay for it?  But what do they offer, why should you take advantage of this risk free opportunity?

Some of the most amazing things this platform offers include a way to build an email list with an auto responder right in your back office, done for you sales funnel templates, drag and drop website creation, blogging, video creation, mobile app builder, etc.  That's right, they offer all of these marketing tools for one low price per month and that list is not even half of what you get when you sign up. 

The cost for a user is $29.90 per month with no initial startup cost.  It goes month to month and you can cancel at any time. You can also  become a business builder while taking advantage of all of the goodies behind the locked door available to you by becoming an affiliate for just $49.90 a month.

What is a Builderall affiliate? This is someone who markets and promotes the funnel building business in a box to other entrepreneurs, business owners, network marketers, nonprofit organizations, and you name it!

In my opinion, there really isn't many people, organizations, or businesses that can't use a service like this.  If you are a personal trainer it can help. Create a pdf document that you can give away on a subject like "Is a personal trainer worth it?  10 pros and cons to using a personal trainer every beginner should know."  This can work if you're a coach in the mlm industry as well.  Get your leads in to your funnel and on your email list.

If you sell travel club memberships in a network marketing company you can create a pdf document on "The top 10 things every traveler should know before they take their next trip." You will do your research and find helpful thinks that most travelers don't think about until it's too late. An example would be...as soon as you get in to your hotel room put your luggage in the tub so you can check for bed bugs first. You don't want to unknowingly bring the little buggers back home with you if you do come across an infested hotel.

Now this informative "freebie/giveaway"  doesn't have to be written either.  You could create a short video with your cell phone then upload that video to YouTube but make it private. So you can point your new subscribers in your funnel to the url where they can find the video rather than download the pdf.

If you sell makeup and skin care such as Mary Kay, Avon, Younique or Arbonne and then you can create some "must have" freebie on something like how to avoid dry skin in the winter and keep your lips soft as a baby's cheek, or the 5 things women with oily skin should never do.  Are you getting the hang of it a bit now?

You want to produce something that the person you are targeting would almost salivate to get their hands on.  This is not something to "sell them", but something to help them with a pain point, problem or issue.  There is a saying in business that says your paycheck is directly connected to how many people you help.

After they consume this helpful content then they are more likely to listen to what is you have to offer or sell.  That is why you want to gather their information and get them on your email list.

At that point you can "drip" on them.  This means that you can keep sending them valuable tips, interesting articles on that pain point you focused on, testimonials from customers in your company that have been helped by xyz product and so on. 

In my opinion, this is one of the biggest missing pieces in most mlm and network marketing professionals methods of operation. This ongoing relationship you will begin to build with them with your free giveaway is crucial for long term success.