can i join two network marketing companies?

Can I join two network marketing companies?  Is it legal?  What are the rules for to sign up with different mlm businesses?  Are you currently unhappy with your current situation, not making enough money, or just can't turn a blind eye to the once in a lifetime opportunity that is presenting itself to you right now?

Hello, AndreaTV here.  For the answer to this question you will have to read through your terms of agreement with your individual company.  If you can't find the specific answer in your back office then you can also email your compliance department.  Give the the name of the company you are considering signing up with also so they can give you a personalized answer.  You don't want your position to come back and bite you in the rear.

How can I join two network marketing companies?

How can I join two network marketing companies?  It has been preached by the big shots in the mlm industry that this is a no-no, right?  Many of them argue that you can't fully dedicate yourself to more than one business at a time.  They say it will send mixed messages to your team if you have more than one business.  I have a question, did your current company promise you in writing that they will never severe ties with you or guarantee they will never close their doors?

What if your independent contractor agreement with XYZ completely shuts out an entire gender?  You have friends, relatives, and acquaintances who possibly could have supported you but they don't wear makeup, jewelry, womens clothes, or want to lose weight. Have you ever invited them out for a drink and they said no?

These are some of the reasons I signed up with Direct Cellars.  I am currently with a direct sales company experiencing some legal issues.  I love their products and hope they will return soon but there are no guarantees.  I still need and want to earn extra money for my family and have a desire to help others do the same thing too!  I was blessed enough to find the wine mlm through a fellow member of our beauty biz.

I debated whether or not I should jump in because the end product was w i ne.  I was never really a fermented grape drinker and had no real experience "tasting" it.  The spirits club delivers two or four bottles to your door monthly.  Getting drunk is a sin but having a glass of merlot or chardonnay with dinner and friends will only get you to that point if you devour the whole bottle by yourself!  Please don't do that.

Direct Cellars club memberships is not set up to replace the monthly supply for those who actually do gave a glass with dinner regularly.  It is a social experience designed to bring you rare, hand selected, artisan selections from around the world to expand your palette and share with friends and family.  Each delivery comes with the history of the vineyard and pairing notes to help you create a better experience when you do drink them.