Denied Life Insurance

Have you been denied life insurance? Are there any other options for people with health issues or pre existing conditions? At the core of it, insurance companies are in business to make money, and they do not like taking risks. Even with that being said there are a few well established players in the industry that will still insure you with some conditions other carriers may have declined you for having.

My name is Andrea Edwards and I am here to help.  I am an independent life insurance agent.  That means I am not married to one company.  My job is to find you the best policy that you can qualify for at the best rate available to you, and I take my job seriously.

Due to Depression

Prescription History

Because of Diabetes

Due to Mental Health



Drug Use


Elevated Liver Enzymes

Low Cholesterol

High Cholesterol

High Blood Pressure


Sleep Apnea



Blood Work

Due to HIV

Why would one life insurance company deny my business and another accept it?

Your previous or recnt denial may not be the end of the line for you, especially if you were dealing with an agent who works for one of the big named companies that you see on commercials.  I have found that the bigger the name the lower the risk the that agency is willing to take.