Direct Cellars Master Cellar

What is a Direct Cellars master cellar?  If you want to know how to get to this top rank you need to read this!

To make it to the top of this company it is simple.  You just need to find 9 business partners to join your business.  This has taken some consultants a matter of weeks but don't let that discourage you.  Building a profitable business is a marathon and not a race.

So many times people get discouraged when they compare their journey with someone else's.  I like to use this picture below to help.

Should you stop building once you reach nine personally sponsored?  NO!  Network marketing is a volunteer army.  We are all in business for ourselves, just not by ourselves, and it is not easy.

People are going to quit.  Count on it.  People are going to have life happen to them and this business will be put on the back burner.  You can't fault them for it.  So it is best to stay in the mindset of build, build, build.

Well, how do you do that, once you have worked through your warm market?  You will have to expand your network.  How do you expand your network?  There are many ways to go about this.

I am going to be totally honest with you.  The best way to reach a countless number of customers and business partners is by building a blog, in my opinion.  That is how I reached you just now even though we are not friends on Facebook or I don't follow you on Instagram.

Building a successful blog does take time, there is a learning curve, and it is ALL worth it.  I do not have to worry about cutting off my business at the knees if I were to land in FB jail.  I don't flip out when Insta changes their algorithim. But most importantly, I am not a slave to my phone, because I know that even when I am sleeping or at my kids' games this blog is answering my prospects questions and every page has a link where they can sign up 24/7.

Does a Direct Cellar Master Cellar need a blog?

Does a Direct Cellar Master Cellar need a blog?  No, this is not a requirement, and you can be successful without one.  Most of the top reps use Facebook.  They already have, or are building, a large following.

How do you build a large following on Facebook?  You reach out to friends of friends and request them as a friend.  Be careful with this once you join the company though. When you accept friends within your business you are taking up a spot for a NEW friend not already in your business. 

You are also adding posts to your feed from someone who will never buy from you.  FB only puts 7 to 15% of your friends posts in front of you for you to see. Your feed is also skewed by who you actually interact with.  So by you liking and commenting on your business partners posts you will see less of your potential customers/non-business partners posts as well.

You can also search for your ideal customer/partner by using hashtags.  In the search bar you would type in something like #twinmomlife (I have twins), #basketballmom, #turning40, #merlot, #chardonnay and all of these terms have something in common with my personal life as well. These are people who have something in common with me, are active on FB, and their page is public, which makes them a great potential customer or consultant.