Direct Cellars Mlm

Get your Direct Cellars Mlm questions answered here! Don't continue to sit on the sidelines.  Get in the game!

  • What is the business all about?  It is a W I N E club with a revenue sharing program attached.
  • What are the choices for customers?  You can sign up for two bottles a month at $49.95 or 4 bottles at $79.95.
  • Can you make your own selections?  No.  You do have the ability to pick all red, all white, or a mix of both, but you cannot choose "merlot only" or "chardonnay only".  This is a club where you expand your palette and experience flavors from all over the world!
  • Can I change my choices from month to month?  You can change the combinations of reds or whites but that is all. Example: all white month 1, all red month 2, red and white month 3.
  • How long does it take to ship, when will I get my delivery?  Your first order as a customer or consultant will take 10 to 12 business days. After that your monthly box of deliciousness arrives 7 to 10 business days your monthly autoship payment is successfully deducted.

What about Direct Cellars Mlm Consultant Questions

What about your Direct Cellars Mlm consultant questions?  I can help answer those as well.  If you don't see your question answered then email me at info (at) andreatv.com or shoot me a text at 929-266-8363!

  • How much does it cost to join?  There are two packages.  The $249.95 which will get you access to be a consultant, one year of administrative fees, and 20% off of any future orders (in addition to your monthly shipment).  The next package is $499.95, this gives you a case (12 bottles), 3 years of administrative costs, and 40% off of all future orders (in excess of your monthly shipment).
  • Can I change the date of my monthly autoship?  Yes.  You just go in to your back office and submit and e-ticket and make the request.  It is usually done within one business day.
  • How do I get my w i n e for free?  When you get 3 customers then your monthly auto ship is free and you just pay for the shipping.  This is a selling point!  Be sure to let your customers know that even if they don't want to be a consultant themselves if they refer 3 customers themselves with their link they get when they sign up then they will also get the same deal!  Refer @ and drink for free*!