Direct Cellars Review

Direct Cellars review - what are people saying about this new adult beverage mlm company?  Discover it for yourself now!

Direct Cellars Review

Hello there!  My name is AndreaTV, and I,  like you, saw the value and uniqueness this network marketing company offered.  I don't really drink the fermented grapes myself but I definitely have purchased them as gifts for special dinners, Thanksgiving, promotions, and countless other occasions.

I am being totally transparent here.  This is my 4th mlm company within my lifetime.  Some would say I am a glutten for punishment and should have quit for good after the first one.  Unfortunately, I don't have the give up mindset, and my ultimate goal is to win. 

Joining this company now is not only the coming together of all of my years of "experience", but also allows me to share some of my mistakes that I made in years past so you can learn from them.  Anyone who joins with me will also get a page on my sister site solely dedicated to the red and white spirits club.  It will fall under the tab "Direct Cellars Map".  You will have to write a page describing yourself and your "why" with a minimum of 400 words and send me a picture of yourself though. You can just email it to info (at) andreatv.com whenever you have it ready.

I am not great with scripts and reaching out to people on Facebook but I do know how to build a blog that ranks on Google.  And no worries, our team Facebook page does have scripts and role play scenarios you can use.  I will add you to that group when you sign up as well, with your permission of course.

Okay, so where is this grand Direct Cellars review?  I am writing this page 6 weeks in to my journey.  I am not a top income earner yet, but with this blog, my Direct Cellars retail blog, and the 60+ YouTube videos I have already uploaded answering questions about the business I have gained 1 customer and no distributors yet.

You may say, that is not very impressive at all, to you.  I personally know from experience that building a profitable business takes time.  Time is 1 to 2 years on average for most startups.  So to have a customer in less than 2 months is great!

Most people don't make money in an mlm because they mistakenly think that it is a get rich quick product.  They look at the small number of people who join that already had massive followers and years of experience and hit the top rank in the company in less than 30 days.  What you don't see, or pay attention to, is the YEARS it took them to build that following and learn the business.

Now, the product, this difference may be the key to your success.  I don't want to discourage you from joining or believing you can be successful quickly because you most certainly can! Our end product is a beverage that has been around since the Bible times.  You don't have to teach anyone how to use it, there are no before and after shots, and most people who enjoy spirits actually actually look to try something new and expand their palette.

So within our company there are many people who have never tried network marketing before, but by putting in the work, following the scripts, and having a tasting or two, they have become profitable in less than 90 days!  If you start a new business and quit before you give it at least a year, in my opinion, is not a wise choice. 

The probation period for most jobs is 3 to 6 months.  But so many people join an mlm and expect to earn a full time income in less than six months.  Don't shoot yourself in the foot with this thinking and you have a real chance at making this your business for real!

Direct Cellars Review the Prices

Let's do a Direct Cellars Review of the prices.  How much dooes it cost to join? 

If you plan on having a tasting or gathering to kick off your business you would need to start at the $499.95 level.  This will make you an independent rep, ship you a case to start (12 bottles), give you 3 years of administrative fees paid up, and 40% off of any future orders you place.

What if you won't be having a tasting or just can't shell out 500 bucks right now?

The second option that gets you in the door is $249.95.  For this cost of entry you will get 4 bottles to start, one year of admin fees paid up front, and 20% off your personal/business orders in the future, and of course the same independent consultant agreement that the people who start at the five hundred level receive.

So your ability to earn commissions are the same across the board.  You do not lose or gain any of the commission potential if you come in at the two hundred and fifty level as opposed to the five hundred.

Direct Cellars review of the autoship?  They like to refer to it as your subscription.  Your subscription will be 4 bottles a month at $79.95 plus shipping.  This also is the same for all consultants.  No matter what level you start with you subscription is for four bottles monthly.