When is the Direct Cellars UK launch?

When is the Direct Cellars UK launch?  If you want to know when this opportunity is coming to London, England I've got a secret for you!  Although there is no set date as of yet, and we cannot ship product there currently, there are currently active consultants living in the United Kingdom right now that have already made it to the top of the company

Wait, what?  How are there distributors actively receiving commissions when this w i n e club currently can't even distribute yet?!

Well, these are some super ambitious, real go getters, who realized the opportunity  that was staring them in front of their face and took a bite out that juicy apple!

Where do Direct Cellars UK reps ship their wine until launch?

So what do they do with their initial and monthly shipments if they are in a "no ship" country or state for that matter?  They FIND a way!  Some of them ship their bottles to a fellow business partner in their up line or sideline.  Some send it to a family member or family friend who lives in the US that is willing to accept free wine each month.

Now if you are really "friend challenged", they make friends with a small business owner in the States that would be more than happy to accept the reds or whites and share it with their customers.  An example of these businesses would be a hair salon, nail salon, day spa, upscale boutique, and the like.