Direct Express phone number

Direct Express phone number - what is the toll free number to call and speak with a live person?  You can reach your benefits cardholder customer service by dialing 888-741-1115. 

Hi there. My name is Andrea Edwards, an independent life insurance broker located in Maryland. You are visiting my blog that I created to promote my life insurance for seniors business.  I would like to take this time to ask you, do you have an active life insurance policy in place to protect your loved ones right now?

If the answer is yes then I want to congratulate you on being responsible and considerate to those who will be left greiving when you pass.  There is only one of you and no amount of money can replace you.  And you have made their lives that much better by not causing them to worry about how they will come up with a way to pay for your funeral while also grieving for your loss at the same time.

If the answer is no then I encourage you to call me at 833-537-7700 to get covered today!