How much are root canals?

How much are root canals?  Here I will give you a range of how much your side tooth or molar will cost with and without insurance?

This is Andrea Edwards, your online life and health insurance agent.  If you live on the East Coast, namely Maryland, since that is where I live, the usual and customary rate for an endodontist to remove hollow out and deaden the nerve endings in your tooth is around $1000!

How much will you pay without a dental policy?  You will have to eat the entire cost yourself. What about if you have dental insurance?  If you have a plan, and it has no waiting period or you have met the waiting period, then it will typically be covered at 50% after a $50 deductible applies.

If you can't get all of it paid for then why have a plan at all?  Well, that's a choice you have to weigh for yourself. A full coverage dental policy can start as low as $30 dollars a month and go as high as $80.  Full benefits family plans start at $75 er month up to $130 a month?

So let's take that $1000 I talked about above and create a scenario. If you do sign up for a policy with an insurance company they are going to give you access to a network.  What is  dental provider network?  This is an organization that allows providers to sign up and gain access to a larger base of potential clients due to the exposure the network affiliation brings to them.

When a dentist or specialist signs that contract with the network they are also agreeing to accept a lower rate for the services they provide.  This is one of the trade offs that occur for the added exposure they receive from the network?  What exposure do you mean Andrea? 

Let's say you are an average endodontist or even a darn good one, but you have an office in a commercial building, in a suite, with 5 other endodontists in the same building.  How will someone with a tooth ache find YOU?

You can spend tons of money on advertising in the form of mailings, magazine ads, Facebook ads and the like and pay up front...hoping a client will remember and find you when they have a toothache. An alternate, more widely used option is a network. 

So, as an example, if you join the Dentemax" network who can find you at no "up front cost to you"?  The employees of every employer group plan that uses Dentemax as their network.  All of the individuals that buy their own policy out of pocket are your potential clients.  What is also possible is every Medicare Advantage plan member who has a dental rider