How much does it cost to join Beautycounter?

How much does it cost to join Beautycounter?  If you like cruelty free makeup, skin care, and network marketing then we have got what you are looking for here!

How much does it cost to join Beautycounter?

This cruelty free cosmetics brand is dedicated to the health sector specializing in skin care and makeup products. In this company, there is innovation and creation of different products with formulas and methods with the greatest care and protection for the body of people.

It was founded by Gregg Renfrew in 2013. Since then it has created nine products that include facial cleansers, eye creams, and shampoo. The company sells through its website, independent consultants and retail associations, including J.Crew and Target. Works in defense of health Environmental Defense.

Here there is a wealth of information on ways to help you learn more about their products that help make the world healthier with safe products that can be trusted.

There are currently more than 80,000 chemicals on the market, but not all with the basic safety mechanisms, this happens in the cosmetics industry and not all companies offer high-quality products.  They have a standard of health and safety required by US law. But how much does it cost to join Beautycounter?

Before we jump in to that...this company has made an extensive study of the impact that the environment is having on their health and making safety mechanisms in their products and presentations with the aim of putting safer products in everyone's hands. This was announced in order to ensure stability and health in the customers to encourage the change and transformation of the old industries. This to motivate the development of health through products with natural formulas and treatments that do not harm the health of people.

How much does it cost to join Beautycounter? They have three ways to purchase with the help of personalized consultants and online catalogs that help customers' decisions by knowing their products.

The company manages wholesale and retail sales alliances through different stores with offers and samples available to the public.
This company belongs to several working groups of scientific objectives and experiments for the development of health and environmental conservation.

It has data management and purchasing tools such as the Skin Deep Cosmetics database that allows you to search for security ratings of more than 73,000 products.

Beautycounter is a brand that has several levels and independent consultants.  In 2014, she joined the public and environmental health advocate Lindsay Dahl to reduce the harmful chemicals used in the cosmetics industry.

During all the time of existence of the company, it has worked according to the improvements of the cosmetics industry, in high-demand social tasks and in humanitarian aid through the knowledge of its products and a large part of its assets.

Tales of Network Marketing...Mlm Stories

Now that you know how much does it cost to join Beautycounter we would like to give you a glimpse of what could happened when joining a network marketing company.

My experience with multi-level marketing happened back in the late 90s during my college days and that was the first and last time I did that kind of thing. All I can say is that what everyone is saying about MLM is right, it's pretty much feels like a scam where only the "early birds" or the founders benefit while late comers are the ones who suffer. Anyway let me tell my story of the bad experience I had with this kind of multi level marketing "business".

It all started when I was in college and just like any other kid, I needed some extra cash. In my case, I needed a way to earn money without setting my studies aside. In other words, it's something that can be done any time of my own choosing. I couldn't just go to whatever business was hiring temporary part time workers. That wouldn't work because businesses have strict schedules and so did my classes and deadlines. One day a while my mom and her friend were talking, mom mentioned that I needed extra money. My mom's friend heard about a multi level marketing business where you're going to market things to people to sell stuff. Of course being the naive person that I was, I honestly thought that multi level marketing businesses can work as long as you sell stuff, so I tried it.

I went to an orientation and all of the presenters looked formal and successful. Most of them claimed to be former beginners but they made a lot of money with the company. Ok, I thought that was a good start, I always liked it when I saw successful people because that's evidence that at least somebody got the system to work properly. I asked them if it's actually true that I could do the marketing any time I want and they said yes, it's good for students like me because I can become "my own boss". That's what they exactly said.

There was an "investment" though. This company was selling some Chinese beauty products and I had to pay a few hundred dollars to get a load of stuff to sell. They said that after half a year and I was able to sell all of the products, they would give me a $3000 bonus and I wouldn't have to pay for the products anymore and they'll supply me for free and all I would have to do was sell. They also told me that I can also recruit people and for every recruit I get, I also earn some bonus money. That sounded awesome to me!

I started selling the stuff to my college friends at first because they're the closest to me. Some of the girls actually bought stuff from me, so that made me feel good at first. Nobody wanted to join me selling beauty products though because they said it sounded shady and they didn't have time for it. Aside from my college friends, whenever I didn't have anything to do, I would go out in my neighborhood and try to sell stuff to neighbors. I usually made sales to the older ladies. I don't know if they bought those stuff because my sales pitch was effective or if they  just pitied me, but at least they bought from me.

I continued selling and attempting to recruit people, but nobody in my area really wanted to sign up with me. Anyway a few months later I actually managed to sell all the stuff I invested in so I was very happy. When I asked about the $3000 bonus they promised me, that's when things went sour!!! They said that the $3000 bonus only applied if I managed to sell all of the products AND also recruit at least 2 people. WHAT?! They didn't tell me about the requirement to recruit at least 2 people during the orientation! Besides, I don't remember reading the contract I signed stating that the 2 recruits was part of the bonus requirement! I really worked hard selling all of the stuff for them but that was the point when I said enough is enough. It just wasn't worth the effort and I didn't even make a lot of profit from it. It was very tiring walking around selling stuff to neighbors and random times with no guarantee that I would make a sale. 

After I quit, a few months later I heard news that the Chinese company suddenly disappeared because they were being hounded by a lot of complaints from former recruits like me. The sad and irritating part was that the owner of the company was never caught. He or she most likely fled back to China or somewhere.

Ever since then, I never joined another multi level marketing gig. I prefer actual jobs in companies or establishments, not something scammy like this! That's my experience with multi level marketing. I DO NOT recommend it to anyone unless you really have no other choice and the company you are joining is actually reputable.