How much does it cost to join Rodan and Fields

How much does it cost to join Rodan and Fields?  Find out the price to sign up with this network marketing company here!  You see the opportunity in direct sales and you know you will have to work hard to reach your goals, right?  So, what is the minimum cost of entry for this business?

What if there was a W I N E club with a revenue sharing program attached, where reds and whites meet mlm?

The lowest entry point package is referred to as the "Business Portfolio" for $45.  You will not get any products but you will receive an overview of the business, a guide showing you what you will need to succeed in the biz, and a consultant ID which does allow you to refer people with your link and begin to earn commissions.

The next level is called "The Personal Results Kit" for $395.  This includes the portfolio, Redefine Regimen (of your choice) and eye cloths, ESSENTIALS body moisturizer, vitamin D3 and D supplement, a product guide and free two day shipping.

The next level is "The Big Business Launch Kit" for $695.  With this you get the portfolio, all for regimens (plus 1 for you to personally use), REDEFINE amp md system, multi function eye cream, Enhancements eye lash booster, product guide and free priority shipping.

Then the mega package is called "The RFx Express Business Kit" for $995.  This gives you the portfolio, all four Regimens and one for you to use, full box of redefine acute care, amp md system and micro exfoliating roller display unit, multi function eye cream, 5 pack of eye cream minis, and two units of lip renewing serum.  You also receive Enhancements lash boost (two units),  lash boost bag, micro dermabrasion paste packets (two boxes of ten), and a paste jar.  Essentials gauze pads, product guide, set of six centerpieces, flipbook of before and after pics, and free two day ship are included.

So how much does it cost to join Rodan and Fields?  That total depends on you!  They have a range for you to choose from.

How much does it cost to join Rodan and Fields and Direct Cellars?

How much does it cost to join Rodan and Fields and Direct Cellars?  Ok, you got me!  My name is AndreaTV and I am an online marketer first and network marketer second.  I stumbled upon this new mlm company that does not compete with almost every other direct sales business out there and the product is something people all over the world already "use"!

That's right, spirits!  This is a new adult beverage e club with a revenue sharing program attached that is out of this world.  They officially launched the network marketing opportunity in February 2017 but the club itself started in 2014.  There are four different ways to get paid, fast start bonuses, and weekly paychecks to boot!

There are only two packages to join $249.95 gets you entry, four bottles a month, 1 year of administrative fees, and 20% off of future order.  Package 2 is $499.95 and you get a case with your initial shipment (12), four each month thereafter, 40% off of all future orders, and 3 years of administrative fees paid up front.