How to cancel Lincoln Heritage life insurance policy?

How to cancel Lincoln Heritage life insurance policy over the phone or by email? To end your plan by phone you would call area code 602-808-0521 or send an email to If you previously setup an online account with them you can also log in to your account and request cancellation.

how to cancel lincoln heritage life insurance

I do have a question for you before you go though.  Why are you cancelling?  Much like taxes, death is an unavoidable part of life, and someone has to pay that bill.

I have experienced the passing of many friends and loved ones during my time on this earth.  It is always a big blow to the family and there heavy hearts all around. When the person had a plan in place things went as expected. There were tears, calls to inform everyone, followed by making the arrangements for the funeral.

Is it the price? What I have found is that the monthly cost of the plan is usually the number one reason why a responsible person who knows the benefits of carrying a policy would willingly terminate it.

Lincoln Heritage may indeed be the company that writes the most burial insurance policies in the United States but that doesn't mean that they are the most competitive when it comes to rates. In fact, they are among the highest priced in the market! 

Did you know that they are not the only player in the market? That's right.  There are over a dozen well established, reputable companies that offer the same or better product product for less money.  Not everyone will qualify, but you may!

Would you change your mind a keep an active life insurance policy in place if I was able to find you one within your budget?