How much is life insurance for my parents?

How much is life insurance for my parents? If your elderly mom and dad need coverage asap call today for a quote! 833-537-7700

Firstly, let me congratulate you on taking charge when it comes to getting your mother and father covered. Your awareness of how fragile life can be and how expensive it is to lay a loved one to rest is commendable. Parents, who will almost always do everything in their power to protect their children, sometimes neglect to protect themsleves.

Facing your own mortality is very difficult for some people and we all have a tendency to avoid things that make us uncomfortable. Never the less, planning for final expenses is always better than not making at all.

Are you even allowed to take out life insurance on your parents? The answer is yes you can if you have their consent and permission. So although you can't secretly take out a policy on your mom or dad, if you have a conversation with them expressing how life insurance will help you as their child, when the time comes, they usually agree to apply.