Ready to join Direct Cellars?

Are you ready to join Direct Cellars?  Before you sign up there is something you need to know...

Whether you are new to multi level marketing or a seasoned veteran you should know this one thing, network marketing is NOT for the faint of heart, it's just not. I know the fact that this is wine makes it a little easier because everybody either drinks the product or knows someone who does.

Everyday you will deal with someone telling you that you are crazy to join Direct Cellars. How in the WORLD do  YOU believe THAT YOU could be successful in one of these things when it's "one in a million" odds. 

Then you have people who accomplished big things after they decided to join Direct Cellars, got comfy with life and it all started heading downhill. Because in Network Marketing... YOU ALWAYS have to be moving forward. 

I'm not going to go public and say its my fault things are not how I want them to be... so what I'm going to do is LEAVE, and point the finger at the company! I know that most people will say "I didn't make money with that" so I'm going to pray on their insecurities so they can come with me!!! And maybe Ill make this BIG BIG movement and If i hope around enough i can keep making bonuses off of the same people over and over and over" INSTEAD of biting the bullet and their pride and just DOING IT AGAIN WHERE THEY ARE because they taught us in 2nd grade Science THE GRASS IS GREEN WHERE YOU WATER IT. PERIOD. 

THEN you have your family and close friends. A bunch of people that "know you" and "know you aren't capable of being 'successful" because you "don't have it in you" . Yup. The same people who put you to bed at night and told you to "reach for the stars baby girl!!!" are now telling you to get a "real job" because you are living on a dream. (Isn't every "big name in the world... Oprah... Bill Gates... Steve Jobs... Mark Zuckerberg didnt these people believe in themselves even when people told them they are EFFING CRAZY???) They didnt know that God decided TODAY was the day that you were supposed to go left instead of right with the rest of the crowd. And now they are going to throw stones at you until you give up. Because they once had a dream for some big things in their life and they gave up.... so YOU must do the same.

Then you have goof balls like my friend Lisa here. Who is someone you have no idea in the world. She messages some one who just started their business and tells them "you will most likely fail" When these human beings who start their Network Marketing career ALREADY have to deal with outside bullshit then some goofball comes along trying to throw their two cents in so they can MAKE two cents off of you by saying that the "big shots" (am I one of those????) "use this system" which is AKA some bs email with a million names that they just send to the same people over and over and everyone has the same name. Literally we market products to human beings. We dont PAY for what we do... for free. Never. ever. ever. ever. have i used this system. 

THEN you have Social Media trolls. People who work at some retail store and hate their life and spend the weekends watching the SciFi channel searching "KEYWORDS" on social media so they can find people to bully and be mean to because they were bullied in school. So INSTEAD of making the world a HAPPY PLACE, they decide "you shit on me?? Ill shit on you."

Some day these goofballs will realize that with the same amount of time that they are spending doing this... they could be making an income from home and spending their weekends traveling the world. but i mean to each their own. 

#1. People who are making $30,000 per month dont leave this business. If they leave... they weren't making that much money. because who would leave that. If they leave its because they were. and now they are not. and they are not doing anything to get it back. but leaving. which... yeah that wouldn't fix a marriage... so why would you do it to your business??

#2. JUST BECAUSE SOMEONE tells you that they were a Top Goofball in XYZ company, and they left because they money is hotter over here DOES NOT MEAN...

A. They were ANYTHING in any other company. Shit they might have been a Ninja Turtle at one point.. they will tell you ANYTHING to make you feel "OMG YOU LEFT?! WHAT DID I DO?! I AM ALREADY DOUBTING MYSELF BECAUSE 400 OTHER PEOPLE IN MY LIFE TOLD ME I WAS CRAZY"

B. Ask for PROOF. Show me your ranks. Show me Docs. Show me your old paychecks. Show me these supposed people that are "coming with you" and all of their paperwork. Don't believe every freaking word someone says to you. My gosh.

#3. If you are in Network Marketing and you are feeling uncomfortable, THAT . IS. NORMAL. You are doing something that so many others cant do. And over the years there is a reason why 1% of who starts comes out in the end. Because only 1% didn't listen to their family. Or the social media trolls. Or the people from other companies trying to tell you the grass is greener over here and we have Krispy Kremes too! Or Goofballs Like Lisa. Who prey on insecurities and fears. (If you wouldn't want your kid to have a friend that did this, DON'T BE AROUND THEM YOURSELF.

#4. SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE WATER THEIR OWN GRASS. They dont steal water or grass from other people. They work for it. Walk for it. Talk for it. They get it themselves. If someone is coming at you selling Cheese Sticks from the Cheese Stick Capital Company and they are telling you "LEAVE! EVERYONES DOING IT!!!!" 

That is the Devil dressed as a Cheese Stick babe. Walk away.

There are 7.6 BILLION people in the world. If 1/1,000,000 are successful, per your best friend that works at the Burger King drive through, that means that 7,000 people in the WORLD can be successful at this!!!!!!

And what I KNOW already is there are MORE than 7,000 people in network marketing that are making over $2,000 monthly income!!!


That means that you just found a Unicorn of a network marketing company!  Unlike most other products, wine is accepted by the masses, and you don't have to educate or teach your customers on the product! 

Who are you? 

A mom. A student. A wife. A mother. A brother. A dad. A grandparent. A human who just has a dream to do what only 1% of the world has a brain cell to do.

So be prepared. The devil will always find the cracks in your self esteem and throw a family member or friend at you to give you "words of wisdom."

And if they told you to Jump off a cliff... or go play in the street

Would you listen? NO!.

So don't take life changing business advice from them either.