Maelle Makers replace Mentors and Pros?

Maelle Makers replace Mentors and Pros and the company is not going out of business?!  How do the current mentors feel about this?  What will they do? Let's talk about it.

Here is the message sent out Monday November 5, 2018

We are writing to let you know about some important changes at Maëlle.

Like any new venture, we are constantly learning, growing and pursuing new opportunities to share our products. We are continuously evolving as a business to ensure we are best positioned to deliver the most value to our customers and community.

Our intent at Maëlle has always been to build a product-first beauty company rooted in community. We have invested heavily in high quality ingredients, meticulously crafted formulations and processes that are 100% cruelty-free from beginning to end. Our belief has always been that products should be the primary driver of our success.

Over the last few months, we have seen really exciting momentum on 
maellebeauty.com through a range of brand building activities. Conversely, we have seen lower engagement and activity in our direct selling program.

As a result, we will be ending the Maëlle Pro program effective November 26, 2018 at 11:59PM CT. A comprehensive FAQ page is available on the Resources tab of the Back Office. For additional questions not covered in the FAQ, please reach out to support@maellebeauty.com.

As our business has evolved, we are better positioned to build Maëlle as an e-commerce brand. This next step in our evolution is evidence of a continued commitment to delivering world-class products to customers in new and innovative ways. We are extremely excited about the path ahead and look forward to continuing to share Maëlle with the world.

What this change means for the future at Maëlle:

-Innovative Online Experience. Exciting updates and innovation will be coming to the 
maellebeauty.com website to improve the entire Maëlle experience for all customers.

-Expanded Product Portfolio. Products have always been our #1 priority at Maëlle, and we’ll be increasing our focus on growing the Maëlle skincare and cosmetic collections.

-Immersive Community Experiences. We are dedicating our resources to growing Maëlle’s brand and community presence with new technology and communication.

We understand that this may come as difficult news to some of you, but we feel strongly that this is the right thing for our company and Pros. We will forever be grateful for the engagement and effort of Maëlle Pros to support the development and growth of Maëlle. On a personal level, we have really enjoyed getting to know many of you and hearing your stories. You are all uniquely incredible, and we wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

For additional questions, please reach out to support@maellebeauty.com.Sincerely, 

The Maëlle Team

Pros and Mentors reactions after announcement

  1. Extremely disappointed.  Just joined in August, love the products, but very let down.
  2. Disappointed.  I've supported through the changes and to get dropped from you with an email notice.  
  3. Definitely won't be supporting this company any more, sadly I just made an order last week.  My customers will be let down but I will find a company to work with such as Beauty Counter that offers all the same natural ingredients.
  4. I made sure to clean out my wallet so there isn't money sitting in there.  
  5. Expected this before now tbh. 
  6. Will you they buying back stock?
  7. Sad and shocked.  So many of us with faith in this company and now...
  8. How do we get our money back is all I want to know?  
  9. I guess this is just something you take a chance on.
  10. Their products are great.  Just guess they are moving in a different direction.