Mlm business blog 7-17-17

Mlm business blog 7-17-17 with AndreaTV - Did I reach my goals set for this Monday?  Check the bottom of my Home Page every day for the updates!

Today is Monday, July 17, 2017.  I have not worked on my blogs as much as I wanted to over the last week.  We had family visiting from out of state.  Anybody who know me knows that I don't like to clean. So it took MANY hours to "get the house ready" so to speak.

Then there was the job of being a good hostess while they we here.  All of this happened in addition to me still working my 9 to 5 job and running my daughter back and forth to basketball camp.

But my promise to myself is to add at least one page to both blogs before my head hits the bed to help build my mlm business.  I am writing this at about 11:30 in the morning as I sit waiting to take the next call at my customer service job.

11:51 Update - Well, after a wonderful weekend of fun, and an intense discussion about our lack of income, guess what showed up at the door just now?!  My firs shop club delivery from my newest business venture.

The timing could not have been worse.  Dear hubby was working on a task for his part time job since 6am this morning on the computer.  This is the second job that he hates and is none too happy he had to get just to help us make ends meet. Well, when he completed all of the tasks and went to hit submit the screen was open to long and timed out!  None of the work was saved!

Needless to say, he was not a happy camper.  Let's just say the kids had to cover their ears and that poor table he slapped could have filed assault charges if it was a person.  So, yeah, he opened the door for the UPS man and took my big box of chemical free cleaning products and laundry detergent.  As he dropped it on the floor he murmurs, "And she wants to spend money on nonsense."

So shout out to all of the men and women out there that do not necessarily have a supportive partner at him.  Start your mlm business knowing that this is what you want to do, put your blinders on, and get to work!