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Mlm business blog 7-18-17 with AndreaTV - Did I reach my goals set for this Tuesday?  Well, the truth is...

So, today is Tuesday, 7-18-17.  I regret to inform you, I did not meet my goal of two blog pages on this site and my newest site on yesterday. 

I am very disappointed in myself.  There really is no excuse.   Sometimes when you work hard in areas that you don't want to, but have to, when you do get a few hours of down time all you want to do is rest.

So, I again commit myself to writing two pages on my blogs today.  If you struggle to find things to write about I urge you to use one or more of the keyword finding tools.  The sites Keywordtool.io, Ubersuggest.org, and the Google Adwords Keyword Tool. 

The first two are totally free to use online and the Google Adwords Tool does require you to start an account with Google but the minimum to start was only $10 the last time I checked. You are not required to run ads though.  I have not used up the $10 I used to open a new account in 2016 yet!

If you type in any keyword (which is simply any word)  the tools will give you all of the different combinations people are actually searching for.  You can make a blog post about any of the combinations you know about, can learn about, or can pay someone to share their knowledge with you.

Here is just twenty options given when I put in the main keyword for this this blog.

Mlm business - model, blueprint, plan, businesses list, for sale, building tips, license, cards, plan template, coach, and christianity, advertising, advantages, pros and cons, starting a, building a,marketing a, joining a, what's an, and binary plan.

You could use any one of these and just start talking/writing like a stranger asked you to explain the term to them.  Try to speak in clear, detailed sentences, and always read the sentence out loud to yourself.  When you do this you can catch the words that don't really flow well and swap them out for a better one. 

This method of "curating" content works for EVERYTHING.  I find that it works better if you search keywords that address the pain point your company's product solves. So for "weight loss" you can target something like losing weight after 30, 50, having a baby, during menopause, etc.

If you are in the makeup business I would go real specific, like how to do eyebrows with powder, mascara for sensitive eyes, foundation for oily skin and large pores, or makeup for women over...

If I sold protein powder or supplements some of the options are