Mlm business blog 7-20-17

Mlm business blog 7-20-17 with AndreaTV - You are gonna wanna read this!

So, today is Thursday, 7-20-17.  I was in a real funk most of the day.  So sorry for the dental offices and members who could sense a little 'tude in my voice as I answered their calls and questions.

I spent the morning making payment arrangements.  Promising Peter and giving a little bit to Paul, and wishing I had a fairy godmother.  Days like this I sit and wonder what went wrong? I ask this question knowing full well what went wrong and feeling angry with myself because I couldn't see what was happening while it was happening.

I've learned when you ask a question like that you are really allowing yourself a chance to rewrite the answer.  Clearly what you have done so far did not work but there is a little voice inside of you saying, "You could still do it!" Believe that voice.

I started writing this update in the gym at the Laurel Boys and Girls Club.  My kids are at Rythm Dribble basketball training which runs from 6:30 to 9'ish during the week. Worked my 8:45 to 5:45 and made chilziti for dinner.  Chilziti is when you take the chili from Monday no one is eating, boil some ziti noodles, add some salsa and spaghetti sauce, two eggs, and almost a pound of cheddar and pepper jack cheese. Voila, chilziti!

One day I will learn how to make the accents over certain vowels when I am writing a non-english word but not now.  Well, while at practive my iphone's hotspot wasn't working for some reason.  Then I decided to try one more time at 8:45pm and it worked!  Checked my email and joeant.com sent me an email saying that they accepted my submission and my blog will be included in their directory!

I believe this link will be just the boost I need to get some real traffic coming to this mlm business blog.  I have about 46 pages indexed in Google right now and most of them have over 800 words, which should be your minimum when creating a blog post.  JoeAnt.com requires a minimum of 30 pages indexed by Google.  I can tell you from experience, my most profitable, long term blog I had over 350 pages indexed by Google.

This nlog was about teenage jobs and produced a check for me after about 10 months of constant building, and did so for several years, before Google changed the algorithm and stopped sending me traffic.  That site did not have most of the ages with 800 words or more and was geared towards teenagers.  Teens click on ads at a much higher percentage than adults do.