Your Headline

Mlm business blog 7-21-17 - Joeant.com accepted my listing request!  What exactly will that mean?!

So, today is Friday, 7-21-17.  Another work week down, yes!

Joeant.com has listed my blog/site.  I searched andreatv.com and it did come up but on a page all by itself. ;-(  Not sure how much that is gonna help if there is no other content on that page, but we'll see.  Remember what I have said before, Google attempts to bring the most valuable and relevant results to their searchers, and less than 800 words on a page/post really doesn't make the cut if you want to be listed on the first page of results for any given keyword.

No trainings for the kids tonight, just worked  until 6 tonight.  Used my lunch hour to make a quick run to Aldi's, made it back in the house six minutes shy of one hour, and had a delicious mango for 59 cents!

Made frozen fish fillets and french fries for dinner, both baked and not fried, and the hubster had leftovers.  He had fried chicken livers with gravy, white rice, and corn.  Then a few hours later some baked macaroni and cheese from last weekend.  That is all his.  I don't do dairy after 3 or 4 days period!

Isn't funny how something you think is disgusting and doesn't deserve your time, another person sees it as valuable, delicious, and wanted?  As you run your mlm business you have to learn to pinpoint your audience.  Hint, hint, they look a lot like you and struggle with many of the same things you struggle with too!  After all, that is what drew you to this business in the first place!