Mlm Business Blog Week Ending 8-19-17

Sunday, August 13, 2017.  Writing this as I sit and watch the Yankees and Boston Red Sox tied at 1-1 in the 8th inning.  I am watching this game even though Insecure is on now because this is one of the few shows me and the hubster watch together but we need to know that the Yankees have the lead first. Okay, he needs to know, and I don't mind waiting a few minutes.

Bottom of the 8th and the Yankees score!  2-1 Yankees, no we can watch Insecure.  Good night beautiful people!  Update coming tomorrow.

Today is Thursday, August 17, 2017.  I have not updated this blog since Sunday night but I have been working!  I have a few pages to one of my other blogs that I started just to attract wine club members, not business partners. 

I have only been in the network marketing industry for a year and a half so far but this one thing I do know.  Most reps who join do not stay.  Just the facts.  Many do not come in with the mindset needed for starting a business and they end up tapping out between month 3 to 6, if they make it that long.

I also know, from years as a consumer, when someone loves a particular product they will stick with it.  I have used Degree deodorant for the past 15 years.  I particularly love the "sexy intrigue" scent. Now our house likes to mix things up and we always have more than one scent and more than one brand too.  But you will never check my bathroom cabinet and NOT find a stick of Degree in it. 

I had a customer who actually did have a complaint.  She preferred sweet wine and all of her shipments so far were dry.  We called customer service together and they gave her instructions on how to receive replacement bottles that were more on the sweet side.

Aha moment for this mlm business! I am not really a wine drinker.  So the one or two bottles I tried I loved because I have no preference. But, now that I know their selections are predominantly dry, why not shift my customer blog to focus on dry wine lovers? 

After running the numbers it turns out that people are typing in "dry red wine terms" more than the term "dry wine" by itself.  Yes the target audience has just been reduced in number but the target customer has just been elevated tremendously!  I checked.  The blogs currently on page 1 in the Google searches for these terms I can beat with a lot of hard work.

So that is what I am working on this week.  If you would like to know the name of that customer blog then text me at 202-280-9282 or email me at andrea(at)andreatv.com.