Mlm It Works Global

How about the mlm It works Global?  Before you join this network marketing company you need to read this!

Mlm It Works Distributor #1

If my friend wanted to join the Mlm It Works I would strongly suggest them not to. I was a distributor for a little over a year and it was a complete waste of effort and time.

I started out by paying the $99.00 start up fee and was extremely optimistic about the whole process. My boyfriend's mom had been a distributor for 4 years prior to me signing up and she loved it!

I started off by asking my family to become customers of mine so I could start raking in money. However, there was more to making money with this company than I thought. First, you have to actually have quite a bit of customers lined up, I am talking about 5-10, before you can even get a penny in your bank account.

It took me about 5 months to get my first commission check of about $50.00. I only got a commission check for 2 months before I actually lost a customer and was no longer paid. Business started slowing down because everyone seemed to be jumping on the opportunity and flooding Facebook and the like. Therefore, more and more people were constantly hearing about it and started to be annoyed at the very thought of Itworks.

This made it very difficult to get any new customers because the general public just sees it as a scam to get money and that the products are a giant hoax. This negative thought process was caused by rumors but when rumors travel it is very hard to retract it. If "That crazy wrap thing" was not so overly shared and heard of I would definitely recommend it to a friend.

It is a wonderful job full of amazing opportunity. However, the state that it is in now, I would not even waste my money. Sure I profited approximately $10.00, but the time I have spent on working as a distributor is not worth it at all.

Mlm It Works Distributor #2

Yes, I have been with the Mlm It Works Global, and I made a little money by selling some of the products that they offered to other individuals who were interested in a healthy lifestyle.

The job itself was okay, but it isn't something that I would quit my day job for. However, it was difficult to sell to others because not a lot of people want to invest in high priced products when they do not know if they really work.

I am not with them anymore. I did not want to renew my membership because I was not selling as much as I thought I would be. I would most likely not try another direct sales job again, just because it is time consuming and it is hard trying to convince someone to buy your product when there are many others that are similar to it out there.

I had to invest quite a bit, with the start up fees and traveling.  I would drive to my customers home or work to bring them their product.  This was a big money spender and the outcome was not worth it in the end. I was wasting more than I was receiving.

At first I would make money but then more and more people started to join.  Then it was difficult to keep my consumer base when there were so many others. However, it was easy to make money at first, but after that one high spike it went downhill. It took me less than a day to make my first sale, as I sold to people in my family who wanted to try something new to improve their health.

I also sold to friends and random people that I met through my Facebook posts trying to sell the product. I probably would not try and sell again just because it was time consuming.  Trying to find others to buy from you when there are a lot of distributors near you is not easy. I would consider the income I made part of a loss.  It was equal to part of a part time job pay.

I would devote my weekends to selling the product to different people. I worked during the week and I felt that I gave it all I could on the weekend considering my schedule.

If my friend asked me to join I would have to decline and say that I just don't have the time to fully devote to it. It might be a good opportunity for them but it just didn't work out for me.

What about a wine mlm business?

Hello there!  This is AndreaTV and I run this blog.  I was at one time with th mlm It Works Global.  They didn't allow you to have your own personal blog like this one so I left.  I am now a part of a wine club membership with a revenue sharing program attached.