My husband too...

Ever had a situation come up in your marriage that was unique, or so you thought?  Well, myhusbandtoo.com was started to address those things and allow you to share your thoughts and feelings anonymously.

I will be using the search keywords that people are already searching for.  I use this site as one of my main sources to find keywords.  It is called keywordtool.io and you can click that link to check it out for yourself.

"My husband" over 500 possible keywords to choose from and potentially help thousands of women!

So, where will I get the content for most of these posts and/or keywords?  From women who can relate to the term, women who have dealt with the same situation with their husband, and those who are willing to share it with the world.

Will I find these generous souls for free?  Possibly, in the future, but to start off I pay for it.  How and who?  I use a site called Mturk.com

Mturk stand for Mechanical Turk.  It is a platfrom run by Amazon.  It is a marketplace for "workers" and "requestors"