Network marketing companies that are free to join - do they exist?

Network marketing companies that are free to join - do they exist?  If you are strapped for cash then you NEED to consider starting a mlm business today!

While I have not found a multi level marketing company that is totally costless to join there are many of them that allow you to become a rep or consultant for small fee.  Think about it, this is a business they are running, there is someone who will process your application, and they are taking all of the risk by allowing you to represent their company with no interview process or anything!

I understand money is tight, right?  That is one of the major reasons people look for an opportunity like multi level marketing.  I was in your same boat.  Currently I work with two different companies that have a low cost to get started.

I am going to start with the one that I found to fit a family on a budget who still wants a chance at really making this thing work.  It is an online shop club that specializes in not using harsh chemicals in their household products.

To become a preferred member during the month of July it will cost only a $1!  That's right four quarters, ten dimes, or 100 pennies. Preferred members do commit to purchase at least 35 points in product per month but it will be things you actually use.

My first order I must admit I probably went a little overboard.  As a preferred member you just need to order 35 points in a month.  So you don't have to satisfy the point requirement right at the same time you sign up for $1 or $19 after July 31st.  You can order them any time during that first 30 days and you don't have to make all 35 on the same order.  It can be split up over multiple orders throughout the month.