What is the average network marketing salary?

What is the average network marketing salary?  How much money do the top earners make, and why?  This question comes to the mind of just about every person who has seriously considered joining a multi level marketing opportunity. But what is the real amount of money made?

What is the average network marketing salary?

The truth is that MOST people, meaning 80% or more, have a network marketing salary between $0-$500 a month.  What?! Is that right? Yes, it is true.  You will find many mlm companies share this information and are very honest about what you should expect.  Below is an image that represents the Scentsy consultant income chart.  They sell wickless scented candles and they were founded in 2003.

Scentsy Consultant Income

Why is the average network marketing salary so low?

Why is the average network marketing salary so low?  The answer actually lies in the question itself.  There is NO salary.  When you join a multi level marketing opportunity you are signing on as an INDEPENDENT contractor.

While the company will provide you with some tools that can help you promote and share your business the outcome depends on you.  How often do you share the opportunity with the people you meet in person?  Are you developing a relationship with the person before you offer the opportunity on Facebook or Instagram?  How many times do you follow up after they have watched your presentation? (P.S. The answer should be no less than 3 times)

On whatever platform you choose are you showing up every day?  Are you providing value?  Value can be anything someone else will find useful.  Sometimes it could be a laugh, some encouraging words, a recipe, something in the news that people would find helpful, you name it. 

Why is showing up every day important?  You want to stay on their mind.  You want your posts to stay in their news feed.  True sales fact, most people don't buy things until they have been exposed to them anywhere from 7 to 15 times before they buy!