Network Marketing Wine?

Is there now a network marketing wine club business?  If you love the mlm industry but wasn't crazy about the products then this may be for you. In 2017 a company officially launched that combines multi level marketing with merlot and chardonnay! You don't say?

I kid, but seriously, they are taking the industry by storm!  This business model has been around for decades and has helped countless families for the better.  But after 10, 20, or 30 years people can get a little tired of "sharing" weight loss products, vitamins, skin care, discounted travel, and makeup.

Direct Cellars may be just the fresh start that you need.  They started in 2014 as a wine club only.  The founders had a vision in order to grow the company faster.  Instead of pouring tons of money in to advertising they married the business to the multi level marketing opportunity that we all love so much!

Network Marketing Wine Club Details

Okay, so what exactly will you need to do in order to work your business?  Simple, your job is to attract wine club members.  Get as many customers as you can.  Reach out to everyone you know who drinks it, loves, collects it, or gifts it to others.

They can become a customer by purchasing two bottles a month or four bottles a month. They can choose all red, or white, or a combination of red and white.  Right now the wines offered are on the dry side, so keep this in mind.  There are talks of adding sweeter varieties and possibly even sparkling wines at some point in the future.

What is the Direct Cellars shipping cost for your monthly adult treat? The two bottle option will cost $56.98 per month.  This consists of the $49.99 for the 2 bottles and $6.99 for shipping.  The 4 bottle monthly shipments would be $89.98, which is $79.99 plus $9.99 for the shipping, no tax included.

I am learning from Ray Higdon and the Rank Makers Facebook group that you want to lead with the product.  Most people are not entrepreneurs like me and you.  They don't want to start a business.  But everyone likes to buy things, right?

From this pool of customers you gain SOME of them will be interested in the business opportunity side of things.  If they are interested in the network marketing wine business opportunity then you can send them a link to a third party tool like this non-rep specific informational website.


Then after they watch the video, if they have any more question they can follow up with you, and after you send the video make sure you followup with them either way. 

Do you need to start a blog for your network marketing wine business?

Hello.  My name is AndreaTV Edwards.  I am with Direct Cellars and a lot of people ask me if you need to start a blog for your network marketing wine business?  The answer is no, you do not HAVE to, but I highly recommend it!  When you are ready to learn, have the time to commit, and the patience not to give up when you don't see any major results for six months to a year, then go for it!

I personally have been "building blogs/sites" since 2008.  I use a host that almost literally does all of the coding for you.  As long as you can read, point, and click, you will be able to get a site up.  How long it will take depends on the time you have to commit and your willingness to keep trying.

When I was first found the host I use know I spent MONTHS studying their tutorials, guides, and instructional videos before I started my first blog.  Now after almost ten years I can go from concept, to main keyword for the blog, to first page up and published in a day, if I actually have the day to myself.  Being a mom of 3, who are all in sports, and working full time at the moment, that almost never happens!

This is why I think a blog is so beneficial to a network marketer.  Someone can find this page 24 hours a day 365 days a year.  I attempt to answer every question that my future success partners have with this blog.  I let you know on just about every page that you can email at info (at) andreatv.com or text me at 202-280-9282.

This way I am still reaching wine club members and business partners while I am driving to practice, cooking dinner, or at my cubicle taking phone calls at my customer service job.  This page that I am writing right now at a basketball practice will last way longer than my most recent Facebook or Instagram post!

This pic was taken at the end of practice.  The kids were actually done before me and now I am finishing up at home.  It is now 10:43pm and tomorrow is Friday and I have to work, but I have to finish this page.

Please note.  I am watching Queen of the South in the background and I probably shouldn't.  But the blogging space is not saturated with network marketers yet so I am able to get away with a few indulgences.  The more and more people that find this blog, join whatever company rings the bell for them, and start their blogs too, IT WILL GET HARDER.

As I write this I have about 40 pages on this site.  From past experience I know that you really don't gain significant organic traffic until you reach at least 100 pages of highly profitable and low supply keywords. It is not quick, but once that match catches, it is very hard to blow out like one of those trick birthday candles. 

I received a check for one of my blogs 4 YEARS after I shut the site down due to a Google algorithm that drastically reduced my traffic. Looking back, I probably should have reorganized, regrouped, and rebuilt. But the point at hand is, this site led people to a monthly subscription program, and MANY people DO NOT cancel their monthly subscription!

This is a key that will help you get to the future you desire.  Most mlm companies do have an auto ship.  Where the challenge lies, is that most of them, ship you something that you NEED or SHOULD to do rather than want to do.  When it comes to network marketing wine, this is something people WANT to do, and WILL do with or without you.