Rank Makers Facebook group with Ray Higdon

Rank Makers Facebook group with Ray Higdon - only for those who are serious about taking their network marketing business to the next level!  AndreaTV gives you her review here.

Please excuse me for sounding like a high school girl who just saw landed a seat in homeroom next to the cutest boy in class.  But that is essentially how I feel about the private group ran by Ray Higdon and his wife Jessica to help network marketers in any area.  I feel like I have just been given the map to the Disney World and one of those special passes that allow you to go to the front of the line!

Please don't mistake what I am saying.  I in no way want you to believe that multi level marketing is a walk in the park or all fun.  There is definitely work that needs to be done and on a consistent basis as well.  But before finding Rank Makers I truly felt like a hamster on a wheel getting nowhere quickly.

What do you mean by that AndreaTV? I am Andrea (TV) Edwards by the way.  Well, what I mean by that is I was "working" in my mlm and not seeing results.  I was posting on Facebook 2 to 3 times a day.  I was sending my company presentation through messenger to people I had not built relationships with.  I was liking hundreds of photos and commenting a little too.  But wouldn't you guess it?  No results.

Ray Higdon Rank Makers Training

What I am learning with the Ray Higdon Rank Makers training sessions within the group is HOW I should be posting.  Example: try NOT to mention the name of your product or the name of the company.  You may ask, why not? how will they know what I sell if I don't?

This is one of the ways the group can help straighten you out.  Yes, I said it, straighten you/us out.  I was the same way, talking about the company and the product, and almost never getting any interaction. Why?  Well, probably because anyone interested just popped on over to Google, typed in my company's name, and made a decision based on the results Google provided them on the first page of results.

This may not be true of your company, but my company has a few blogs and internet marketers who have written a "scam review" of my company and they are sitting right at the top of the page.  Isn't it funny how a blog will call it a scam or pyramid and then push the reader to buy their "course or product"?