Who is Ray Higdon

Who is Ray Higdon in the mlm businesss? If you are new or seasoned in network marketing this man definitely deserves your attention!  He is a multi level marketing coach with a desire to help men and women succeed in their business and their life.

Network Marketing Success

So, why should you listen to this guy, what experience does he have?  Well, he has an extensive background in sales, and when the market was good he did great in his real estate business.  But when the market crashed he had to find another way.

One day a friend of his invited him to a network marketing meeting and so it began.  It wasn't instant, but by investing, learning, and then teaching, he rose through the ranks and became a top income earner in that company.

His desire to help others reach their goals led him to sell his position in that company and become a mlm coach to the  masses.  If haven't done so already I encourage you to join Rank Makers.  It is a paid group that he has where he delivers daily action tasks to help you rise through the ranks in your mlm business. 

I joined in August of 2017 and have already seen improvement in my own business.  No I haven't got a certain number of customers or business partners in the two weeks I've been a member, but my action steps have become more consistent.  Consistent action is what creates results.

So how old is Ray Higdon?  Well, if you search his name on whitepages.com, it lists his age to be between 40 to 44.  He does mention in some of his videos that he has a son in high school and one that starts college this year.  Is he married, and if so, to who?  He is married to Jessica Higdon. How old is Jessica Higdon?  Whitepages lists her age between 25 to 29.  Together they have a beautiful one year old daughter.

Ray Higdon Rank Makers Nuggets

What are some nuggets I have learned just in the last two week of being a part of his Rank Makers group? Firstly, in most cases, it is probably best to lead with the product and not the opportunity.  I know you are fired up and want to make money, like yesterday, but everyone is not as fired up as you are.  The opportunity may scare them off, but everybody likes to buy things, don't you?

Another nugget was to make an appointment to follow up.  After you ask someone to watch your presentation or video set a date and time to follow up with them.  You can't call up the top doctor in your area and they answer the phone and say, "Sure, come on in, I wasn't doing anything".  You are the professional, your time is valuable, and this is YOUR business.

No matter what your chosen tool/company you use to help reach your goals Ray Higdon's coaching can help.  He has events every year where the leaders from a multitude of companies come together to share ideas, experiences, and triumphs.  He creates podcasts, videos, blog posts, you name it!