Should I join Facebook?

Should I join Facebook?  If you are not sure that this social media site is for you then you need to read this now!

Should I join Facebook?

This can be a tough question.  If you are looking for the best platform to use to market your mlm business then FB is definitely a good option.  According to, they have over 2 billion active users, and 1.3 billion of those users log on every day!

But please don't let these numbers fool you.  Facebook only shows your posts to a small percentage of your friends.  The feed updates constantly, like minute by minute, and they try to show you posts of the people you most interact with,  So to build and gain a following it will take some time and effort.

They set a cap on how many people you can accept as a friend.  This current number is 5,000.  Once you reach 5K you will not be able to accept any more friends and anyone requesting to be your friend will get a message that pops up telling them you have reached your limit too.  They will be able to follow you in order to see your posts though.

Facebook Jail?!

Should I join Facebook to promote my network marketing business?  Those statistics above were to give you an idea of the pool size you will be working with if you just work FB as a personal user.  Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, is running a business.  There are terms listed in their agreement to join which state you are not allowed to use your personal page for business use. So at any time, if you violate these terms, they can put you in Facebook jail, which is a suspension for a certain amount of time (usually 3 or 4 weeks) or they can shut your page down totally.

Examples of what can get you in a "time out" is making too many friend requests at one time, posting or making a video with copywritten music, and posting links to your business page or store on your personal profile repeatedly/constantly.