What does DC stand for?

What does DC stand for? If you want to know what this means if you've seen it all over Facebook or Instagram? AndreaTV reveals the answer for you now!

What does DC stand for?

What does DC stand for?

Is Direct Cellars just another multi level marketing company? AndreaTV uncovers the truth behind this mlm and other companies like it here! Can you really make money in direct sales with a site? Is messaging people directly the only way to find customers and reps? Welcome!  I started this blog to help you decide if this business is for you or not.

So what is this company all about? Direct Cellars is a fermented grape juice club first and foremost.  It was established in 2014 by founder David DiStefano.  They decided to branch out in to network marketing to expand the business dramatically while financially helping countless families in the process.  The mlm aspect officially launched in February 2017 and continues to grow in leaps and bounds!

So what do they sell?  Spirits! Please be mindful I am intentionally not using the word W I N E.  Google and other search engines put this word in a category that will slow down your chances of being found online.  This tip is for my fellow online marketers that will be starting a website or blog to help promote their business.

How much is it to become a customer?  You can become a customer two ways: 2 bottles a month for $49.99 plus $6.99 for shipping or 4 bottles a month for $79.95 monthly and $9.99 shipping.

Can I choose my favorite type?  No.  This club is designed to expand your palette and bring you rare vintages from small batch vineyards. You won't find them at your local grocery store.  They are rare, premium, hand selected blends picked out just for you.

Can I choose red or white?  Yes.  You can choose either a mix of red and white, all reds, or all whites.  At this time all of the selections are dry but there are talks of sparkling options coming in the future.

How does the Direct Cellars refer 3 and get yours for free work?

How does the Direct Cellars refer 3 and get yours free referral program work?

Another perk of this club is both customers and consultants can earn their monthly deliveries for free (just a small fee for shipping).  So the two plan options for customers is 2 for $49.95 or 4 for $79.95.  Consultants subscription is set at 4 for $79.95. 

When you sign up as either a customer or consultant you are assigned a link in your back office.  As a customer, if you refer 3 friends, family members, coworkers, or strangers to the club and they sign up through your link then you will only pay the shipping .  This will continue indefinitely as long as they remain active.

This is the same benefit available to Direct Cellars representatives.  When you gain three club members you would just pay for the shipping and not the $79.95.  It does not matter how they come in.  You could get 3 two bottle csr's, 3 four bottle customers, or any combination.  They just have to be 3 active club members.

What are the Direct Cellars packages to join?

What are the Direct Cellars packages to join?  There are 3 ways that you can sign up.

  1. $499.95 - This package brings you in at the Premium Wine Lover Elite level.  You start of with a case.  This will be 12 bottles that you can also choose from red, white or both.  You will have 3 years of administrative fees paid up front and you will receive a 40% discount on all future order.
  2. $249.95 - This package brings you in at the Premium Wine Lover level.  You get 4 bottles to start.  One year of admin fees paid up front and 20% off of all future orders.
  3. $70 - That's right.  They started a business only option where you can join for just seventy bucks.  This is the administrative costs for a year (website, back office support, customer service). With this option you can only earn the fast start bonus portion of the compensation plan until you upgrade to a full membership.  The fast start bonus is $125 or $250 (50% of whatever package they enroll with) for each person.

How does the Direct Cellars compensation plan work?

Direct Cellars Compensation Plan

How does the Direct Cellars compensation plan work?  There are multiple ways you can earn money.

Fast Start Bonus - The fast start bonus allows you to earn fifty percent commission on every one you sign up.  That would be $125 on a $249.95 membership or $250 on a $499.95 membership.  You as a rep earn nothing when they sign up for the $70 business package only.

Dual Team Bonus - With this comp plan you will be building two legs.  You will have a left team and a right team.  Some people refer to this as a binary plan.  So when you start you are being placed under your sponsors left or right leg.  You also will be adding people to your left or right leg.  You are paid 6 to 20% of whatever your lesser leg is for that week based on your rank.  You must first have someone personally enrolled on your left leg and right leg before you become eligible to receive this bonus.

Unilevel Bonus - This has nothing to do with the fast start or dual team pay.  Each person you bring in they go on your front line of the unilevel. It does not matter which leg you placed them under if you personally enrolled them they are a part of your front line on either leg. There is unlimited width for the unilevel. You need only 1 personally enrolled to qualify but can add 1,000 or more if you can manage it! 

You get 10% commission off of all of your front line volume (both customers and consultants), which I will refer to as your first generation. You will earn 5% commission on the 2nd and 3rd generations that are born due to your team building efforts and duplication. You get 4% on your 4th and 5th generation, 3% on the 6th and 7th generation, and you are paid 2% on your 8th and 9th generation. 

Check Match Bonus - You can also earn a check match bonus on everyone that has developed from your personally enrolled/first generation that goes 4 levels deep.  This percentage match is composed of what your downline has earned from their dual team and unilevel commissions only.  Their fast start bonus and any customer business volume would not qualify.

You will earn a 10% check match (on their binary and unilevel commission only) on your first level, 5% match on the second level, 4% match on the third level and 3%.  These numbers are assuming you have qualified to be paid on these levels.

As an example, if you have only 1 person who has joined with you, the only bonus you are eligible for is the fast start and unilevel.  Once you get that second person, AND place them on the opposite leg (making you dual team qualified), then you are eligible for the dual team and check match bonuses.

Direct Cellars Ranks

What are the Direct Cellars ranks?

  1. A Lover - is someone who has 1 enrollee.
  2. An Enthusiast - has 2 enrollees.
  3. A Critic - has sponsored 3 themselves.
  4. A Specialist - has graduated to 4 business consultants.
  5. An Expert - has built a team of 5 personals.
  6. A Connoisseur - achieved 6 partners on board.
  7. An Aficianado - has hit lucky number 7.
  8. A Master - has 8 under their belt personally.
  9. A Master Cellar - is the top rank of the company with 9 personally enrolled business partner able to take full advantage of the entire compensation plan.

What if I can't make any money with Direct Cellars?

What if I can't make any money with Direct Cellars? 

This is a very valid question?  One of the benefits and problems with network marketing is that we are all in business for ourselves just not by ourselves.  This company has more training available than any of the other three companies I have been a part of in the past.  But your ability to take that training, and consistently follow it, indefinitely is all on you.

Many people give up too quickly without giving it their full effort.