What is MCA vs MyEcon

What is MCA vs MyEcon about?  Should you join,stay, or leave? Are there any other options to help you reach your goals?

Motor Club of America is a a motor club that serves members in the United States of America as well as Canada. The MCA offers various benefits to its members such as their roadside assistance, personal accident coverage and other emergency benefits. On offer from the MCA also are discounts on prescription drugs, dental care and vision. Motor Club America as a Multi level marketing company, offers commission to members who sponsor others to join the program. Skepticism follows MCA as it is widely believed to be a scam. However the fact that they have been existence for over 80 years seemingly puts paid to that notion.

They have 3 membership tiers; The security package for $9.95, Security plus package for $14.95 and the total security package for $19.95. The security plus package and the total security package both offer 24 hour coverage for any injury suffered at home, work, play or while traveling on business or pleasure. The total security package also comes with n extra $50 AD&D benefit.

This company has been in existence and providing services in the United States and Canada since 1926. Motor Club of America  was founded by William W. Green. He served as its chief executive from 1926 to 1986. Currently, David Kircher serves as the President.

MyEcon is a complicated business.  Although they claim that their main focus is to empower individuals by lowering their taxes and increasing their income, the products that they offer do not seem to match up to their bottom line.  The company claims that they will help you adjust your tax rate, because many people in the United States are paying too much taxes out of each paycheck.  They also state that they will help you general income through your own business by providing you with training, a website, support, and assistance.  MyEcon also offers training in "passive income," such as stocks and bonds. 

What do they sell? The official products they offer, through third parties, are a credit monitoring, an ID Defender, a credit repair system, a cash flow manager, a health and nutrition guide, sources for booking travel, a coffee product, a cash back mall, and roadside assistance.   There are two different start up packages that you can choose from.  The entry fee is not listed on their official website, but through other sources they claimed that there is a one-time $80 fee to be a sales associate, followed by a $10 montly fee. 

How much does it cost to join MyEcon as a marketing director? If you choose to be a marketing director, the one time fee is $179.95 followed by a monthly fee of $34.95.  Because this information is not readily available on their website, it is unclear what is included in each package. 

Who is the CEO? Larry Gates, who has a background in communications, marketing, and business, and the CFO is Carliss Curry, who has a background in administrative and business management.  However, Larry Gates does not seem to be the founder.  Instead, the founders of MyEcon are Ivey Stokes and Alvin Curry.  Ivey Stokes is listed as the owner and President, and Alvin Curry is the Executive Vice President.

What do I know about the Motor Club of America or MyEcon mlm?

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