What is the difference between network marketing and direct sales

What is the difference between network marketing and direct sales?  Here is the lesson I learned from "uncovering" the difference.

Today is Monday, October 23, 2017.  Had a bit of a setback.  I made a decision to drop one of my network marketing companies.  Actually, that is incorrect, the company was a direct sales company, and now I know the difference.

Mlm companies actually allow you to "say their name", market on blogs, Facebook, Periscope, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat and the like.  They just want you to say you're an independent representative/distributor.  

This particular direct sales company wanted you to never use their name. You could only talk about the products in a post, video, livestream, etc., but you COULD NOT GIVE A CALL TO ACTION!  What the what?!

That is right up there with tying someone's legs and arms together, throwing them in the water, and telling them to swim.  Mind you, the few mermaid like superstars might be able to pull it off, but most people would drown!

The blog has a call to action, sort of.  At the bottom of the every page there is a picture of shopping carts and it asks, "Have you heard about the shop club?" IF they clicked on the picture (which I don't tell them to do) it would lead to a page where I ask them to fill out their name, email, and phone number if they would like more info.

This was my call to action. In my opinion this is just raising curiousity but the Direct Sales company may not have interpreted it the same way.

Lesson learned.  Do not skim over that independent contractor agreement so quick.  Ask questions and reach out to corporate.  My "upline" told me I would rock that business with a blog.  Sent an email to corporate 7/19/17 with a link to the site asking if it was compliant.  Never got a response so I sent a follow up email this past Monday, where they could see the previous email sent from July, Thursday morning and still no reply.

Could it really be that no one in this 30 year old company is available to respond?  Is that person or group of people handling compliance out of the office for a few months? Or is it possible that they will or would have let it go as long as it benefited them, and if or when another rep caught wind of what I was doing and complained, they would shut me down with no recourse? Smells like a setup, so I'm out.

I'll be working on my other blogs for the next few day and I'll give you an update on Sunday!  Do something today to bring you a step closer to your goals, even if it is a baby step, seriously.