when did direct cellars start?

When did Direct Cellars start? Looking for history and launch details for the club then here's the answer!  This beverage company and club has been around since 2014.  Below I have a video they published to YouTube on October 9, 2014.

This video shows you that the premium club has been offering memberships since 2014.  They soft launched the revenue sharing possibilities in 2016 and officially launched in February 2017.  So how does it all work?

You can get on board as a club member or as a consultant.  As a member you have two options: two bottles for $49.95 a month or four bottles for $79.95 a month.  The monthly payments will be deducted the same date with one exception.  If you join on the 29th, 30th, or 31st then your next autoship will happen on the 28th of each month.

To become a consultant you also have two options. $249.95 will earn you the right to be an independent contractor for the company, one year of administrative fees, and 20% off of all future purchases.  You get four bottles to start and then 4 bottles delivered each month thereafter.  The other is $499.95 which will give you a case of wine to start (twelve bottles), 3 years of administrative fees paid upfront ($70 yearly value) and 40% off of all future orders outside of your monthly shipment.

When did Direct Cellars start changing lives?

When did Direct Cellars start changing lives?  Well, that started in 2016 before I had any clue they existed.  Their soft launch was in June of 2016.  There are dozens of these founding members whose lives have changed tremendously since starting.