When does school start in California

When does school start in California?  From Anaheim, to Compton, to Lake Tahoe, we have the answers!

Teen Jobs in California

If you want to get a behind the scenes look at what it is like to have a part time or after school job in high school you should read this:

My teen job occurred when I was in high school in Lake Tahoe, California.  When I was sixteen years old I was hired to work at a local paint store.  My job duties included stocking shelves with products as well as assisting customers. 

I learned how to mix paint so I did a little of that as well when the store got busy.  Also, I cleaned the store prior to closing each and every day.  When a new shipment of paint would arrive I would help unload the truck and stock the back room of the store. 

If we were shipping paint elsewhere, I would help prepare the package of paint and then be in charge of taking it to get shipped out on a truck.  While at this job,  learned some basic accounting skills as well as how to use the cash register.  Another duty of mine would be to answer the phone and direct the persons call to whoever could best answer their question. 

I also helped a little bit in the marketing of the business by helping with weekly advertisements.  I would give my input on the design and content of weekly ads and then help the boss send them out to the newspaper and magazines.  I was paid eight dollars an hour and did not get a raise in my first year working at this store. 

After my first year, I got a fifty cent per hour raise and then six months after that I got another fifty cent per hour raise. I quit this job the summer prior to going off to college but I helped find and train another person to replace me at my former position.

I spent my last two weeks with the business training the new employee to do all of my old tasks and help answer any of his questions. There were no hard feelings for me leaving the business and I still keep in touch with my former boss.